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ipadguides.id – The news about hundreds of STIE Cirebon students who were threatened by the campus was shocking. The student initially registered for college through the Smart Indonesia Card (KIP) scholarship program in 2021.

Hundreds of students who hope to get an education up to a bachelor’s degree have to swallow the bitter pill. The reason is, the campus even stopped the scholarship program unilaterally.

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STIE Cirebon Students Threatened by Campus

Portrait of the audience with the Cirebon DPRD (Photo: Greater Cirebon)

In this case, about 113 STIE Cirebon students who have just entered the second semester are threatened with not being able to follow the course of the lecture. Because the campus stopped the KIP scholarship program for college unilaterally and gave the option to attend lectures on a regular basis.

Regarding this, the campus took steps to make the scholarship program students pay their tuition as usual. If you do not pay, the student will be dismissed or expelled.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the DPD Warga Jaya Indonesia (WJI) Cirebon City, Budi Riwayanto, revealed that the deadline for paying tuition fees is February 9 at the latest.

The reason is not clear and the campus gives a choice, please continue studying with the regular path of paying as usual, stop or leave. The deadline is no later than February 9th,” he said.

He also said that the unilateral decision made the students and their parents nervous. In fact, many of them feel the impact psychologically.

This was conveyed when Budi, as a representative of student parents, had an audience with Commission III of the DPRD recently. He hopes that the DPRD can provide a solution to this problem.

The event was also attended by the Chairman of Commission III of the Cirebon City DPRD, Deputy of Commission III, members of the DPRD, and Dr. Tresna. His party will try to follow up related to this, by calling the campus.

We as the field in charge of education will immediately follow up on this issue. The first step is to call STIE Cirebon for clarificationsaid Tresna.

Meanwhile, members of the DPRD Fitrah revealed that hundreds of STIE Cirebon students had to continue studying and should not give up. This matter will be taken care of properly.

Hundreds of STIE Cirebon Students Threatened by Campus Related to KIP: Do you want to pay or leave?

That’s a review of hundreds of KIP scholarship program students who are threatened with leaving campus if they don’t pay for lectures on a regular basis.

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep abreast of news about students and the world of lectures, and always turn on notifications.

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