Want to See Snow? These 4 Tourist Destinations in Australia Might Be the Solution

Want to See Snow? These 4 Tourist Destinations in Australia Might Be the Solution

For people who live in tropical countries like Indonesia, witnessing the beauty of snow is a very important step. Indonesia does have a snowy tourist location, namely the Jayawijaya Mountains. Because the location is quite high and the terrain is quite dangerous to pass, finally many people do not dare to go there. As a result, enjoying the beauty of the snow will only be wishful thinking.

But for those of you who really want to enjoy the beauty of the snow, don’t worry. Because in this article I will discuss about 4 Travel Destinations in Australia which is very suitable for enjoying the beauty of snow. You definitely want to play snowball, make a snowman, or go skiing. Curious about anything? Here are the four tourist destinations!

1. Mt Buller

Mt Buller is a mountain located in the southeastern part of Melbourne, Australia. Mt Buller is also very suitable as a family tourist location because it offers a lot of exciting outbound experiences. Not only that, because the mountain is quite high, of course, it is suitable for those of you who have a hobby of skiing.

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You will feel the sensation of going down the hill with a very sharp track in this place. If you really want to see snow, you should come to this place. Because the snow in this tourist spot will not run out.

2. White Night Melbourne

For those of you who don’t know, White Night Melbourne is a festival that is held specifically during winter in Melbourne. This event is only valid at night. Because of the cold snow around the city of Melbourne, the local government finally held this winter event.

White Night Melbourne is usually held in August. One of the events held at White Night Melbourne is the festival of lights coming from tall buildings in the city of Melbourne. It is guaranteed that your vacation in this place will feel much more enjoyable.

3. Queen Victoria Market

A vacation to Australia to see the beauty of snow is not complete without visiting the Queen Victoria Market. Queen Victoria Market is one of the culinary tours held at night during winter. Queen Victoria Market is only open every Wednesday from 6 pm to 10 pm only. So you can’t be careless if you want to come to this place. Have to look at the schedule first.

There are many kinds of food sold in this place. You can buy not only food, you can also buy various handicrafts in this place. So, after a day of enjoying the beauty of the snow, visiting Queen Victoria Market might make your evening more meaningful.

4. Sovereign Hill

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Sovereign Hill is one of the cultural museums in the city of Melbourne, Australia. In this museum, you can feel firsthand how the life atmosphere of the Ballarat people who lived around the 1800s. You can also find various kinds of artificial food and also replicas of the houses of Ballarat residents. You will also be taught about the simulation of panning for gold.

So it will definitely make your vacation not boring if you visit this place. In this museum there are also many festivals, one of which is theater performances and magic shows.

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Those are 4 tourist destinations in Australia that are perfect for enjoying the beauty of snow. May be useful!

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