Want to Study Online Abroad? Really Can! This is the site

Online Study Abroad- During the Covid-19 pandemic, many activities were restricted and many people had to adapt to technology, including in the field of education. Various schools and universities have to adapt and start implementing an online system.

The teaching and learning process which was initially carried out directly or face-to-face began to be very limited. However, with so many online courses, it’s easier for us to study for free at well-known universities. Only with the internet you can get a bachelor’s degree from abroad.

Interesting right? Jagoan Hosting has compiled a series of online college sites, let’s see!

1. Open2Study can be the choice of online study sites abroad

study abroad online

One of the well-known online college sites is Open2study. This site is owned and founded by the founder of the higher education organization that has the name Open Universities Australia.

Want to Study Online Abroad? Really Can! This is the site

On this site there are also several well-known Australian universities that you can choose from, such as Newcastle Australia and Flinders University.

You can take online lectures from Open2Study and can get certificates and degrees like offline lectures.

However, to get this certificate you have to make a payment with a certain fee. But surely the fees incurred are more efficient than you have to spend for living expenses in Australia too.

2. eDX, one of the most favorite online study sites abroad

There are also other sites such as eDX which is an online course provider founded by the best universities in the world Harvard University and MIT in 2021.

This site is also the most sought after by students around the world to be able to study online. When else can you study at a world-renowned university, right?

In eDX you can choose 1300 types of courses and get syllabus, video recordings, lectures to discussion forums that are carried out online.

3. Alison

If you’ve ever dreamed of being able to work at Microsoft or Google, you can choose Alison to be able to get a bachelor’s degree that is equivalent to people who work at Microsoft or Google.

Alison is a site that provides courses for learning and materials studied at many of the world’s top universities.

In Alison you can get Diploma Courses and the second one is Certificates. You can even learn about the two biggest technology companies in the world today, namely Google and Microsoft.

Even more complete, you can also access more than 750 learning materials in English from various well-known institutions in the world.

4. Future Learn

study abroad online

This online learning site has been around since 2012 and is managed by The Open University. From this site you can choose to study in any country such as England, New Zealand, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, Norway and many more.

On this site you can learn a lot of science that you can choose from, such as various languages ​​and fields ranging from science, social, to psychology here and even for those of you who like the world of robotics.

Well, that’s 4 online study sites from abroad that you can choose to get a bachelor’s degree from abroad.

Before making a choice, it’s a good idea to be diligent in doing research and reading each of the advantages of the online sites above. If you are sure, what are you waiting for? Make your dream come true to study at top universities around the world starting now!

Eh, but do you know that wherever you study, the most important thing is how you can apply and utilize the knowledge you have learned. It would be nice if you could share your knowledge with others!

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