Want to use a test pack to confirm pregnancy? Follow These Tips for Accurate Results

Jakarta – Mother, of course, is familiar with one of the easy-to-obtain pregnancy test kits, especially if you don’t test packs. Its small, light, and accurate form makes it the choice of many mothers to confirm pregnancy before continuing with a doctor’s examination.

test pack It is also a favorite item as a surprise gift for a partner or close family to give the happy news that you are pregnant.

As reported My.levelandclinic.org. There are two types of pregnancy tests that are most chosen by mothers, namely through urine tests and blood tests.

Easily, you can do a urine test at home with a pregnancy test pack. You also don’t need a special prescription from the doctor and are available in various price ranges. Meanwhile, for blood tests, you can do it at the nearest health facility.

Although very easy to use, pregnancy tests through test pack It also requires special care, Mother. What are they? Let’s keep watching Mother.

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4 ways to use test pack

Quote from Romperthere are 4 precise ways to use test packfor accurate results:

1. Know the meaning of the line on test pack

Test pack can detect hormones human chorionic gonadotropyn or hCG Mother. If after use, two lines appear, congratulations, you are very likely pregnant!

So what if the line actually disappears? As quoted from Romper, Dr. Kameelah Phillips, MD, an OB-GYN says, “If the pregnancy is very early, the level of hCG in your urine may meet the threshold for detection. You’ll see a faint line that can fade over time.”

So when is the best time to take a pregnancy test with test pack? Maybe about three weeks after conception, according to What To Expect.

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