Want to Vacation to East Java? These 5 Attractions Might Be Your Choice

Want to Vacation to East Java? These 5 Attractions Might Be Your Choice

East Java tourism saves a myriad of heaven on earth. The area which consists of the ocean to the mountains has many interesting spots to explore. East Java can be an alternative recreation destination for those of you who are bored to Bali. Moreover, it’s really fitting for the Lebaran holiday, there’s nothing wrong with planning a vacation there.

East Java tourism should be used as your main tourist destination. The reason is, here all types of tourism exist and are complete. Want cultural tourism, natural tourism, to child-friendly tourism. Everything that stretches from the beach, underground, to the mountains you can enjoy freely. All entry fees are also not very expensive, ranging from 5 thousand to 100 thousand.

So it’s still affordable for everyone. In addition, the average access is easy to reach, using private vehicles or public transportation at a very low cost. Here’s 5 Attractions in East Java which you can choose for the holidays.

1. Surabaya Zoo

East Java tourist attraction

Surabaya Zoo is one of the tourist attractions in East Java (surabayazoodotcodotid)
This East Java tourist spot is one of the oldest zoos in Indonesia, because it was founded in 1916 by the Dutch Governor General under the name Soerabiasche Plantenen Dierentuin. Since ancient times, the Surabaya Zoo has offered the most complete collection of animals in Southeast Asia with a collection of more than 2,000 living animals belonging to more than 351 species, one of the prima donna of ancient animals native to Indonesia, the Komodo.

To be able to enter this area, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, you only need Rp. 15 thousand, you can explore the zoo with satisfaction. Especially children with a height below 85 centimeters are free to enter without paying.

2. Atlantis Land Surabaya

Atlantis Land Surabaya is one of the tourist attractions in East Java (atlantislandofficial)
Atlantis Land Surabaya is like Dufan in Jakarta. This 15-hectare amusement park offers a variety of rides, from a snow house, a haunted house, a flower garden, to a swimming pool. Atlantis Land is open from 10.00 WIB – 22.00 WIB with an entrance ticket price of 125 thousand and for children whose height is under 85 centimeters pay 100 thousand.

3. Submarine Monument

submarine monument

Submarine Monument, one of the tourist attractions in East Java (monkaselsurabaya)
For those of you who are curious to see how deep the submarine is, just come directly to the Submarine Monument in Surabaya. Actually, this submarine is the former best Indonesian combat fleet, named KRI Pasopati 410.

The ship, which was built by the Soviet Union in 1952, was once involved by the Indonesian government in the battle of the Aru Sea. As a reminder of the services of the soldiers at that time, the ship was eventually turned into a monument for many people to see. The entry price is only around IDR 10,000.

4. Balekembang Beach

Balekembang Beach is one of the tourist attractions in East Java (balekembangmalang)
One of the most popular nature-themed tours in East Java is Balekembang Beach. Tourism in Malang, which has been popular since 1985, is like Tanah Lot, because in the middle is the Amerta Jati Temple which is located on Ismoyo Island. To reach this beach, you need to drive as far as 60 kilometers from the city center. The entrance fee is 10 thousand to 15 thousand.

5. Coban Rais

Located about 16 kilometers from the center of Malang City, Coban Rais waterfall is one of the popular tourist destinations in Malang, even in East Java. The height of the waterfall reaches 20 meters and around it there are green hills that are guaranteed to be soothing to the eyes. Interested in playing in the water here? Just prepare a pocket of 10 thousand to buy the entrance ticket.

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Those are 5 tourist attractions in East Java that you can choose to spend your vacation time. May be useful!

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