Wardah Lipstick Color Instaperfect Mattesetter Lip Matte Paint that You Must Try

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There are many types of Maybelline eyeliner and you can choose according to your wishes.

Wardah often presents lipstick variants with new colors. One of them is Wardah Instaperfect lipstick color. Its commitment to producing halal products does not limit creation. Proven by enduring popularity brand this is even more popular day by day. Its products are increasingly diverse with the times.

So, you don’t need to be confused about using Wardah products. There are always options for young people who like to decorate. Lipstick colors vary, ranging from light to dark. Immediately, let’s see, what colors are there, anyway?

At first, Wardah launched 5 shades on this lipstick. Each color is intense. Next, comes 4 shade new nuanced soft and looks light.

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Here are 5 color shades of Wardah Instaperfect lipstick at the start of the launch

01 Glee, in a bright pink with a hint of peach. This color gives a fresh impression and is suitable for daily make-up you.

02 Dear, has a soft pink color. The end result gives a bright feel on your face. This lipstick is also suitable for daily. You who like the look that softthis would fit perfectly.

03 Chic, the color tends to be brown and really suitable for you who have dark skin. But don’t worry, even light-skinned people can really use this. In essence, suitable for Indonesian women’s skin tone.

The nude color doesn’t make your face dull. Suitable for natural look. No wonder this color is the most sought after.

04 Vibe, it’s red with very little hue purple. You have tone brown skin, must use this. Because it will be very good to decorate the lips

For display bold, you can apply evenly on the surface of the lips. For a slightly lighter look, this lipstick is perfect for you ombre.

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05 Hype, has an intense plum color and coverage. This lipstick lends itself to a bolder look, but not tacky.

The popularity of Wardah Instaperfect lipstick is what makes Wardah re-launch the latest shade to attract the interest of women. Here are some of the newest shades.

06 Flair, this Wardah Instaperfect lipstick color is warm with an orange color and a slight brown hue. The color of this Lipstick is not flashy at all. It’s actually very soft and warm.

It fits perfectly with the skin color of Indonesian women in general. You will look warm and fresh.

07 Dazzle, has a bright nude color. Suitable for use in formal events or work. The colors are not flashy but still bright, warm, and natural.

08 Edge, has a mix of nude colors and pink hues. It is suitable for the skin tone of Indonesian women in general. The color brown, olive, can also be. The result will look natural, suitable for various indoor and outdoor activities.

09 Icon, has a sweet and unobtrusive mauve color. Plus the nude and pink hues make this lipstick not tacky. This color is perfect for those of you who occasionally get bored of looking natural.

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Wardah Lipstick Content and Packaging Instaperpect Mattesetter Lip Paint

The Warda brand has no doubt about its quality. The content of the product is definitely safe and recorded at BPOM and is halal. The texture is soft and creamy. You don’t need to be afraid that your lips will dry out, but keep on applying lip balm before applying lipstick.

The packaging is different from the usual wardah which carries a mint color. Instaperfect is quite attractive with rose gold and a transparent bottle. Its square shape makes it easy for you to recognize it.


Actually, the price of each cosmetic depends on where you buy it. However, for an estimate, the price of this lipstick is around Rp. 90,000. Prices that don’t drain your savings or finances for durability and coverage the good one.

So, for those of you who plan to use various colors of Wardah Instaperfect Lip Matte Paint lipstick, you don’t have to wait any longer. This lipstick worth it really used to add to your beauty.

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