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Harris hotel Bandung is really brave! It has orange nuances everywhere, even when I participated in the parade around Bandung during the ‘Grand launching’, everything was orange! Starting from our clothes, flags and clowns, everything is orange. I, who boarded the Bandros Bus above, was a little careful, afraid of being hit by a blue supporter! (joking, hey)

Together with blogger friends and the media, a photo in front of bandros
The parade starts from the front of the hotel
Crossing Jalan Cihampelas *stabbed by a viking*

I haven’t been to Bandung in a long time, I rarely see buildings that are more than 20 floors high. However, in the area slightly north of ITB, I saw several apartments which were even higher than the Harris hotel.

This hotel has a very strategic location in the heart of the northern city of Bandung. It is a 15 to 20 minute drive from the station and airport. But it’s a bit far from the Leuwipanjang terminal (there is a Harris Hotel at the Citilink Festival for that).

Harris Hotel invited several media and fellow bloggers to attend the opening ceremony of this hotel on 8 May. A warming party with the theme ‘HARRIS GO DiscGlow’. The event, which used a retro orange dress code, was very lively. The 1000 square meter HARRIS ballroom has been transformed into an 80s-style clubbing venue. Colorful laser lights and stage smoke enliven the beautiful DJ who plays ajeb-ajeb songs. Joss. Meanwhile I was busy tasting all the street carts that were brought in beside the ballroom.

Warming party atmosphere
The behavior of one of the bloggers. You know, jombs.

In the afternoon before the event started, we had a parade around the city of Bandung using Bandros. Riding bandros is fun, but be careful of the cables that pass over our heads. You have to concentrate if you don’t want to get caught in the cable.

Harris hotel ciumbuleuit has 210 rooms and several suites. My room overlooks Mount Tangkuban Perahu, but is slightly covered by the adjoining apartment which is very large indeed. Harris’ typical room is very simple. Solid orange color and dominant white bandage. From tables, chairs, to glasses, almost everything is orange. Let it be fresh like an orange, hehe.

Standard double bed room
Welcome snack in the room
Amenities are also orange
Harris suite rooms have a balcony and bathtub, and there is a family room.

What’s fun, the hotel swimming pool is on the 16th floor! It’s only natural that Harris calls it the ‘Sky Pool’. Swimming here is very fun because we can see around Bandung from above. You can see the shape of Bandung which is like a bowl surrounded by Tangkuban Perahu and his friends. Only one thing that is less fun: The water is very cold! Yes, the name is also Bandung, hehe. Maybe a hot tub can be added?

sky pool harris ciumbuleuit
Kissbuleuit and Bandung roads are getting more and more crowded
Bandung from the rooftop of Harris Hotel. Good morning!

The food at Harris Ciumbuleuit is also delightful. Not only delicious, but also healthy. The restaurant has a large ‘Healthy Food’ sign on it. “No MSG, less salt and sugar,” said one of the chefs I asked. For fruit juice, fresh juice without sugar. It’s fun, my mouth doesn’t feel dry and thirsty even though I eat almost all kinds of food there. Starting from soto bandung to dori fish soup which tastes amazing!

No MSG, less sugar, less salt.
My breakfast that morning

Hotel Harris Festival Citilink

Apart from Ciumbuleuit, Harris Hotel has also opened a branch at the Festival Citilink mall, near the Pasir Koja toll gate. It’s suitable if you want to explore the south side of Bandung or don’t want to exit the Pasteur toll road whose queue is similar to the queue for basic food assistance.

Harris Citilink hotel is not much different from Ciumbuleuit. However, because it is located in a mall, this hotel has direct access to enter directly into the mall.

What I will remember the most from Harris Festival Citilink is: oxtail and dimsum soup! You have to try it if you go there. Even those who eat at the hotel restaurant are not only hotel guests, but also many guests from the mall who eat there.

Dim Sum Party! More on my netxt post!

Thanks to Tauzia and Harris Ciumbuleuit and Harris Festival Citilink for inviting me. See you at the next event!

Harris Hotel Ciumbuleuit and Festival Citilnk — Official Website link.

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