Watch out! These 7 Trivial Habits Make It Hard For You To Be Happy – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! Good morning, are you still in the mood for fasting? I hope it goes well until the end, okay? Don’t be bored with Mimin who will continue to share various interesting information. This time Mimin wants to tell you 7 trivial habits that make it difficult for you to be happy.

Everyone has the right to be happy in their life. However, there are some trivial things that make it difficult to be happy without realizing it. So, what are these habits? Come on, see the reviews and happy reading!

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Illustration of overthinking (Photo: Pexels)

Mimin wants to ask, who often overthinking? Be careful, because it is a trivial habit that makes it difficult for Zone Buddies to be happy. Overthinking things, worrying about unnecessary things, or worrying too much is not good for mental health.

You can’t control things out there. Then, you just need to prepare yourself for all the possibilities that will happen. Don’t worry about the impossible. It’s better to think positively and stay optimistic in order to live a happier life.

Running away from the problem

Illustration of running away from trouble (Photo: Pexels)

A trivial habit that makes it difficult for you to be happy is running away from problems. Instead of feeling relieved, Zone Buddy will be haunted by it. So, it makes you uneasy and keeps thinking until you are stressed. This habit is often done by most people.

For example, you face challenges, but because you don’t try and don’t want to be bothered. Then, instead of avoiding it with the assumption that it will make you more dizzy and frustrated. It is better to learn to be wise and dare to face risks in the future. Because life goes on and on and on.


Illustration of insecure (Photo: Pexels)

Furthermore, the habits that make it difficult for you to be happy are insecure. Doubts, insecurity, and fear of something that may not necessarily happen, also always come along. Not only that, you are always filled with a sense of emptiness and always try to fill it in any way.

There are many factors insecure What you might often do, among others, is too demanding for perfection, fear of failure, worry, anxiety and so on. Instead, try to avoid it than you are difficult to be happy.

Broken heart

Illustration of a broken heart (Photo: Pexels)

Then, what can make it difficult for you to be happy, namely breaking up. Don’t underestimate this, because it turns out to have such a big impact on the lives of Zone Buddies. Not infrequently even lead to suicide, you know. In addition, usually people who are heartbroken will continue to lament their feelings and despair.

Then, they will also look for an outlet for their pain to things that tend to be negative. Gratitude, if you still vent to positive things to keep moving forward and thinking about the future. Everything is done to repay and continue to prove the best to everyone.

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Pretending to be Strong and Happy

Illustration of pretending to be happy (Photo: Pexels)

Fake smile may be familiar to your ears. This term describes the state of the Zone Buddy who continues to act like everything is fine and going well. So, you will continue to show happiness, pretending to be strong and strong.

Then, Zone Buddy will also act normal, even though he’s broken and not okay. You need to remember, being weak doesn’t mean you can’t and crying doesn’t mean you’re a loser. Sometimes being honest with your feelings is better than being stuck. Besides, continuing to pretend will only make it harder for you to be happy.

Comparing Yourself to Others

Illustration of quotes (Photo: Pexels)

A trivial habit that makes it difficult for you to be happy is comparing yourself to others. Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. So, sometimes it makes envy, jealousy, and low self-esteem. It’s hard not to remain optimistic, when you meet people who are superior to you.

Then, Buddy Zone will feel insecure and think there is nothing special about yourself. In fact, you can keep trying to prove your best so you don’t have to feel jealous. Don’t forget to continue to appreciate everything, even if other people think it’s less meaningful.

Excuse me

Pessimistic illustration (Photo: Pexels)

A trivial habit that makes it difficult for you to be happy is pessimism. You always think that everything you do will not work. Living with a pessimistic feeling can disrupt your mental health. Thus, causing depression, anxiety, and difficulty thinking positively.

In addition, pessimism makes your life colorless, focuses on one bad thing, is easily depressed, and your physical health is getting worse.

Watch out! These 7 Trivial Habits Make It Hard For You To Be Happy

That’s a review of 7 trivial habits that make it difficult for you to be happy. Do not forget to be happy and have a nice day!

Hopefully this review is useful for Zone Buddy. Don’t forget to keep up to date with information about students and the world of lectures by activating the Student Zone website notification. See you later!

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