Watch out! These are 7 habits of women that turn out to be harmful to health – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! How are you? This time Mimin will bring interesting information, namely the habits of women which are actually dangerous for health. Some of these small habits can’t be taken lightly, because they are harmful to health, you know.

What are these habits? Come on, see the reviews and happy reading!

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Combing Wet Hair

Illustration of combing wet hair (Photo: ukbeautyroom)

A dangerous woman’s habit is to comb her hair when it’s still wet. Maybe this sounds trivial and you often do. Though this is the main cause of hair loss.

You should dry your hair by wiping it with a towel, but don’t rub it. Then, then dry with hair dryer with medium temperature. In this semi-dry condition you can comb it.

Ponytail in a ponytail

Illustration of a ponytail (Photo: pexels)

lock hair with style Ponytails are a habit that many women do. Because, this is considered practical and looks neater.

In fact, this can actually be the main cause of baldness. To fix this you can wash your hair style ponytail but slightly loosened the ponytail.

Sitting Crossed Legs

Illustration of sitting with crossed legs (Photo: pexels)

Who likes to cross their legs when sitting? It turns out that the trivial habit of sitting with your legs crossed is dangerous, you know.

According to research, sitting poses like this will inhibit blood circulation going to the pelvis. This is certainly very dangerous for women, especially women who are pregnant.

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plucking eyebrows

Illustration of plucking eyebrows (Photo: mycdn)

Having neat eyebrows is the dream of every woman, because there is no need to add an eyebrow pencil. Usually they will shave and even pluck eyebrows.

But, it turns out to pluck eyebrows before using make up also not recommended, because it will make the skin pores filled with bacteria and chemicals from eyebrow pencil. It’s better if you pluck your eyebrows after washing your face at night.

Frequently Drink Fruit Juice

Illustration of fruit juice (Photo: pexels)

Who doesn’t love fruit juice? Besides being healthy it is also refreshing. Especially when drinking after doing a fairly strenuous activity, the body will feel refreshed.

Although fruit juice is good for health, if you drink it too often it will threaten your health. Because, fruit juices contain sugar, and consuming too much of it will increase the risk of diabetes.

Using Hair Dryer with Maximum Temperature

Illustration using a hair dryer (Photo: beautyhack)

Usually girls will use hair dryer and a high temperature hair straightener. In fact, this one habit will obviously damage the hair.

High temperatures will make the hair shaft swell. This will make the hair dry and prone to breakage. To avoid this, you can use medium or medium temperatures and leave a distance of 15 cm from the hair.

Wash your face often

Illustration of washing face (Photo: profhariz)

Hey, who is lazy to wash his face? Or the habit of washing your face frequently, because your skin is oily? Washing your face before bed is the best way to help rejuvenate your skin.

However, washing it over and over again makes it even drier. Because, the content in facial cleansing soap will wet the natural oils so that it interferes with the ideal pH of the skin. So at least wash your face twice a day, Friend Zone.

Watch out! These are 7 habits of women that turn out to be dangerous for health

That’s a review of 7 habits of women that are harmful to health. Wow, after reading this review, Mimin herself often does it too. How about you?

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