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This is my first time on a large plane. Garuda Indonesia with Airbus A330 aircraft is capable of carrying around 300 passengers. I went to Guang Zhou, one of the business and industrial cities in China to accompany Bang Pandji on a trip, as well as show Messake Bangsaku World Tour #MBWT stand up comedy!

But somehow, the people on the plane were very noisy. The beautiful flight attendant who spoke the same language as them also warned them. But to no avail, they again made a fuss at an altitude of 40,000 feet above the South China Sea.

The interior of the GA898 uses the Airbus A330. The stewardess is beautiful.

The plane landed very, very smoothly! I don’t know if I’m tacky or what, but the landing of the GA898 I’m riding on really doesn’t feel right. There was even one of our colleagues who did not wake up from his sleep when the plane’s wheels touched the runway. It’s just that the guys were fussing again when the plane hadn’t come to a complete stop and they were running around when the door was opened, for some reason. I thought Indonesians had the worst temper when they got on a plane, in fact we still lost.

We were greeted by Pak Dharmawan, general manager of the Guang Zhou branch of Garuda who also made our immigration route faster, hehe. Mr. Dharmawan said that there are many guang zhou students from Indonesia who prefer the ‘low cost’ airline, but actually if you add up the baggage and other stuff, the price of Garuda is quite competitive.

Even if our destination city is not Jakarta, Medan for example. The ticket price will remain the same!

Even if you miss the MRT, the next MRT is only 3 minutes away.

Back to Guangzhou. I was quite surprised to see this city actually. This city is as dense as Jakarta, even denser, but much more organized. The MRT and busway here are already running very well. There is no roadside garbage, although occasionally there are still spitting carelessly. Already eleven-twelve with singapore in my opinion.

Guangzhou street scene

While in Guang Zhou, we were accompanied by our Chinese PPI friends for a walk in this city. It rained in Guang Zhou while we were there. That said, this is because every city tour, Bang Pandji, whose opener is Gilang Bhaskara, always rains. Guang zhou hasn’t rained for over a month, but it rains on us every day. Maybe Uncle Gilang should cut his hair first.

From the top of our inn.

Some of the places we visited were the Canton tower, the former world’s tallest tower; Sun Yat Sen’s palace, China’s ‘soekarno’ but failed, that’s why China became a communist country; and of course some KW1 to KW4 stuff places.

In front of the sacred heart cathedral of guangzhou

I also had a chance to survey the pandas there, and ended up with the conclusion: Local pandas are much cuter than real pandas. *clapped*


This is my first time watching stand up comedy live. And it turns out to be different if we watch it on YouTube or television. The audience present was indeed ready to laugh and the atmosphere was very different. It’s real fun!

But, right, this is in Guangzhou huh. Not Indonesian. Even if those watching are Indonesians who live there. That’s why I salute Bang Pandji who dared to appear there. Moreover, the material presented is a bit sensitive. Bang Pandji also admitted that from other places, he was the most horrified to appear in this Panda country.

Guanzhou Mafia

The night was amazing. Over 500 people watched the Mesake Bangsaku World Tour show!

What I like about Bang Pandji, in his stand-up comedy, always includes elements about the unity and integrity of Indonesia. It feels like the audience tonight will miss Nusantara a little more.

If you haven’t watched #MBWT stand up comedy, just wait for the digital download version from Abang Pandji, hehe.

One of the real pandas
Friends of PPI china guangzhou branch.
Bang Pandji before the show
That’s it eat..
…and eat again.
Guangzhou Da Ju Yuan (opera house)
Guangzhou = dim sum!
the laughs.

Thank you Bang Pandji and Garuda Indonesia!

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