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I just realized that the second round final of Indonesia vs Thailand will be held on Saturday of that week. Coincidentally, I was in Thailand one day before the final! Spontaneously I immediately opened the browser to buy tickets online. But unlucky, online sales have closed.

My friend from Thailand suggested that I go directly to the outlets scattered in malls. “Sometimes there are still one or two empty seats,” he said with annoyance. Understandably, I ended up teasing him because Indonesia won in the first leg.

Ok, I immediately googled to find the final ticket. It’s rare to watch your own country compete abroad.

The closest search immediately directed me to the central silom mall. However, seeing the long queue that was like a commuter line locomotive, I immediately panicked.

Queue to buy tickets….

I asked the officer mama. “Are there still tickets for the Indonesia vs Thailand final, bro?” my word. Of course with English and a little body language.

“Yessssssss,” he said. He immediately gave me a queue number which numbered hundreds. Wow, well at least I can still get a ticket.

I saw some Indonesians were also in the queue. After I asked, it turned out that they were queuing for tickets for the Coldplay concert next April in Bangkok! And apparently, I’m the only one here buying tickets for the AFF Cup final.

After about half an hour and a minute of waiting in line, I went to the ticket counter. But the ladies said….

“Sold out for Indonesia. Only for thai….,” said the officer. Lahhhhhhh, this bejimanee. Of course, when I asked, I thought I was Thai. Starting from flight attendants, tuk-tuk drivers, to massage therapists in Thailand, they think I’m Thai! Just look at my vlog someone said, “You look like thai!”

I walked limply out.

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The next day on the final D day, I was confused about where to go. I got news from my friend Mba Mita that she had just won a quiz and the prize was to watch the final in Bangkok.

“Are there any empty tickets from the person who invited you here?” I said on whatsapp.

“I’ll tell ya later!” Ms. Mita said.

I waited too. While waiting, I went to the Grand Palace to take some video footage. The grand palace was very crowded with people dressed in black, it seemed that it was still in the series of King Bhumibol’s funeral. Even when I entered the palace street area, I and everyone else had to show ID and get into an x-ray scanner for security.

All in black
Got photobombed

By late afternoon, there was no news from my friend. Well, I took the initiative to go straight to the stadium. Sometimes there are brokers selling tickets. Or at worst, just stream in front of the stadium while listening to the screams of the audience.

When I got to the stadium, I was stunned. WHY IS NO PEOPLE?! There were only a few people jogging, there was no sign of a match in the next hour. Even though I was clearly at the National Stadium. The name of the train station is National Stadium.

After asking here and there, it turned out that the venue for the final event was RAJAMANGALA NATIONAL STADIUM! Open google map, it turns out that Rajamangala doesn’t have any stations nearby. The distance is about 14 kilometers. And on the street map, everything is red, aka jammed! Even if I was determined to take a taxi, it was estimated that it would take up to an hour and a half!

I gave up. I’d better look for a cafe with a TV to share. But suddenly the phone rang and someone shouted on the other end.



I immediately made sense. The taxi must be stuck. Not far from where I was standing, there was a person in an orange vest with a number on his back. I just remembered, they are motorcycle taxi drivers!

I also negotiated using the calculator on my cellphone because they couldn’t speak English. From 250 baht I finally got to 170 baht. Alright, for Indonesia’s sake!

Mamang ojek rescue

This motorcycle taxi brother has a big motorbike like the Yamaha Nmax. But the maneuverability is incredible. Along the traffic jams he could always find a loophole. The number of motorbikes that are not too many like in Jakarta makes slipping around the car so comfortable. For me not to take a taxi, because the roads are really jammed!

It’s 6pm, I’m still crawling around looking for a loophole in Bangkok’s traffic jam. Many times my friend called where I was.

“I’m already in, you’ll be under the balcony, okay? I threw the ticket from above,” said Ms. Mita.

Ajegile. Ha ha ha. Alright, I finally arrived. And I think I entered the wrong gate here…

Thai Supporters

Due to the tens of thousands of people in attendance, the cellular signal was getting more and more difficult. I can’t contact Ms. Mita. Was connected, but it seems my voice is not getting there. I turned around to look for a herd of people in red. After a while, I finally got to meet Ms. Mita and finally my ticket was thrown from the balcony.

“Hurry up! I’m about to start!!!” he said

I ran towards the inspection door and made it in! Yayyyy!

Rajamangala Stadium

When I sing the Indonesian national anthem, I get goosebumps. Some people I noticed shed tears. The number of Indonesians is only 500 people. Against thai supporters, there are more than 40 thousand people, of course I also get goosebumps when they sing their national anthem.

You have to try it once in a while to feel watching live at the stadium to feel the sensation!

However, we all already know the result. Indonesia is still the second winner this time. Of course I was disappointed, but the Thai and Indonesian supporters continued to play sportsmanship. They even clapped and shouted, “INDONESIA! INDONESIA! INDONESIA!” Which was also answered with remarks from Indonesian supporters, “THAILAND! THAILAND!”

Two years from now, we will avenge this defeat!

Indonesia and Thailand supporter limit
Met some friends I know here
Ms. Mita who has made up too much
Met Anis Baswedan who was also watching.


Thank You!


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