Website Builder for WordPress to make it easier for you to design a website

Website builder is one of the methods used to design websites. Using a builder will make it easier to beautify the appearance of the website.

But nowadays there are lots of page builders for wordpress that you can use, but do you know which page builder is the best for designing websites?

Maybe you already know about the best page builders like DIVI, Elementor or Beaver Builder, but this article will discuss more about DIVI. Why should you use DIVI?

Divi Builder : The Best Website Builder for WordPress

DIVI Website Builder View
DIVI Website Builder View

What is DIVI Builder? DIVI builder is a template and page builder for wordpress from elegantthemes that allows you to create responsive and complex website layouts in just minutes without using any code.

DIVI is a product of ElegantThemes which is a website that provides website needs such as themes and plugins. ElegantThemes is one of the best in the world.


using DIVI, you don’t need to have website designing experience to design websites, you can build beautiful websites using Divi Builder.

So, Simply by using DIVI you can create professional website layouts and pages. You don’t need more experience to create a professional website, that’s why so many website owners use this WordPress plugin.

Easy to Use DIVI Builder

There are so many conveniences offered by DIVI, that’s why DIVI is one of the best website builders today. So, what are the conveniences offered by the DIVI page builder?


is a multipurpose Theme, with Drag and drop page builder. So to make the layout of your website display, you only need to drag and drop the elements you need to create a website display. You don’t need to understand code (programming language) to create a website.


also provides 46 more content elements/modules that you can need such as titles, text, images, etc. There are also elements such as galleries, sliders, calls to actions, forms and testimonials. The content module really helps you in creating a professional website layout.

DIVI Builder Content Module
DIVI Builder Content Module

Still having trouble using DIVI to design a website? Don’t worry, because DIVI provides lots of Pre-made template libraries that you can use and re-edit. You can also save and reuse your content/template modules.

Pre Made Design DIVI Builder
Pre Made Design DIVI Builder

In addition, Elegantthemes provides very complete documentation for DIVI Website Builder, so for those of you who are still having trouble using it, you can read the documentation first.

Who Should Use DIVI Page Builder?

DIVI can be used by anyone who wants to build a professional website easily and quickly, Mostly DIVI is used by agencies and freelancers. With this website builder it is possible to create websites faster, with minimal effort.

DIVI is very helpful for freelancers or web designers who want to speed up their website building process. Especially when there are a lot of projects that need to be completed within time constraints, the usability and portability of Divi modules can be very useful.

DIVI Page builder is not only for Freelancers, Web Designers or agencies, for those of you who want to build a website that is easy and fast, the solution is to use DIVI Website Builder.

id="berapa-harga-divi-website-builder">How much does DIVI Website Builder cost?

DIVI is not a free template or plugin, you have to spend money to use this one website builder. The price offered by Elegant Themes for DIVI starts at $89 USD per year. You can also buy the lifetime package for $249 USD.

DIVI Page Builder Price
DIVI Page Builder Price

By buying DIVI you can get a wordpress theme and page builder plugin. DIVI can be installed and used on all websites. This means that when you buy DIVI it can be used for unlimited websites.

Also, when you buy DIVI you get access to all the wordpress themes from ElegantThemes including the SEO friendly Divi themes, and you also get all their plugins including the DIVI page builder which is really great.

Hosted Hosting Now Supports DIVI Builder

You don’t have extra money to buy DIVI? about! Because currently Jagoan Hosting already supports DIVI Builder. By buying and using the Jagoan Hosting product you can get the DIVI Builder for free.

Now you don’t need to be confused anymore to choose a website builder for your wordpress website, because by using DIVI you can build a professional website easily and quickly.

No need to worry anymore about spending money to buy DIVI, you just need to use the services of a hosting expert to get DIVI.

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