Welcome Ramadan with Interesting Activities and Get #BERKAHONLINE with Jagoan Hosting!

Welcome Ramadan with Interesting Activities and Get #BERKAHONLINE with Jagoan Hosting!

#BERKAHONLINE Host of Hosting – The month of Ramadan is not a barrier to staying productive, friend! Even though you are fasting, you have to keep your spirits up until the Maghrib call to prayer rings out. Of course you can!

Actually, that’s a lot here interesting activities that you can do during the month of Ramadan. Since it’s still in a pandemic condition and it’s not possible to do it outside the house freely, so activities are carried out regularly on line can be the solution.

Recommendations for #BERKAHONLINE Activities During Ramadan

Even though it only relies on smart devices and the internet, this doesn’t reduce the fun of doing activities in the month of Ramadan. Well, what’s up the hell these activities? Here are the recommendations for you!

1. Stream Favorite Movies

One of the activities in the month of Ramadan that is fun and exciting to do is stream favorite movie. Yep, that’s right! With a lot online platform For a fee, you can watch as much movies as you want and it doesn’t make your fast feel heavy.

Welcome Ramadan with Interesting Activities and Get #BERKAHONLINE with Jagoan Hosting!

The list of films also varies, you can watch films with variousgenre action, romance, comedyuntil thriller. So, there is no more boredom because you are accompanied by playlists movies you like.

2. Playing Games Online

Hey, who here who loves to play online game? Turns out, playing games during the fasting month is also fun, you know. Especially if you play with friends. Wow, can you imagine how much fun it was? And it is guaranteed that this activity is really suitable to be carried out during the month of Ramadan.

3. Taking Online Study

Maximizing worship activities in the month of Ramadan should not be missed, friend! Well, by following the study on lineyou can still get useful religious knowledge even if it is done manually virtual. Currently, there are many organizations conducting studies through video call through several popular apps, such as Zoom and Google Meet.

4. Iftar with #BERKAHONLINE

Want to break the fast with friends, but can’t meet in person? Just calm down! Iftar together right already able on line too, bro. Through video call group no less fun. What’s more, you can make iftar events on line more interesting, for example, just use dress code certain to have to prepare an iftar menu with the same type.

5. Creating Content

Since emergence online platform increasingly diverse, people are more free to express themselves through various forms, ranging from photos, videos, and writing. Don’t be surprised if creating content becomes an activity that not only trains creativity, but also as a positive activity during the month of Ramadan.

Speaking of writing, usually you need platform on line as website to write down the ideas that come to mind, right? Well, you can use Recommended Domains and Hosting at Jagoan Hosting, friend!

Therefore, Jagoan Hosting welcomes the month of Ramadan with joy by presenting a special #BERKAHONLINE for Buddy Jagoan, to be precise from April 16 to May 10, 2021. There are interesting promos that you can get, especially for VPS Hosting and Domain. Wow, that’s really interesting, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, promo #BERKAHONLINE from Jagoan Hosting it’s not limited to just this, really. There are still many interesting offers that are certainly a pity to miss, for example, like THR Hosting and interesting programs during bubblingstarting from dawn to the month of fasting.

So stay updates related to the #BERKAHONLINE promo program from Jagoan Hosting, keep an eye on the website and social media on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and don’t miss it, bro!

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