What are the Advantages and Importance of Comments and Reply Comments on Blogs?

What are the Advantages and Importance of Comments and Reply Comments on Blogs
What are the Advantages and Importance of Comments and Reply Comments on Blogs
Advantages and Importance of Comments and Reply to Comments on Blogs? – When I first started blogging, I heard the word blogwalking from a friend of mine, but at that time I didn’t really understand what blogwalking meant and what the benefits of blog walking were. For a blogger, maybe doing blogwalking activities to fellow bloggers is very important.

Like the experience I got, if we visit a blogger’s blog and leave a comment in the form of text on the blog article. Automatically that person will also leave comments on our blog as we do on his blog

Well, if we want to attract visitors to our blog, we can take advantage of this blogwalking system to get visitors and also we can increase views on our blog. Also make it a habit to include your name in a comment that will be addressed by the blog that you will comment on. In this case, so that they know who we are and why do we comment on the article.

Reminding us of the importance of commenting on other people’s blogs, surely our blog will be flooded with comments that we get from the article, right? Now, What are the Advantages and Importance of Comments and Reply Comments on Blogs? ?

1. Advantages Reply to comments for the author of the blog.

=> We will know that the articles we write are useful.

If we do not have comments, we will not know that the articles we write are useful or not. Well, when I blogged for the first time I got my first comment, I was very happy and I was also thinking, what is that person commenting on, wow, it turns out that he praised my article and at that time I was very grateful to that person.

However, when we write articles there may be things that we don’t know for us as blog writers, maybe we are lazy to reread the articles we write or we don’t want to waste time. But readers will definitely know the mistakes of our article, therefore, if someone comments, ask the person, what we wrote is useful and also ask if there is something wrong when writing the article.

This method is not required, so it’s up to you whether you want it or not.

=> We will also have a topic to create a new article on our blog when the reader comments.

When readers comment on our blogs, we will usually find answers from them regarding our articles. Well, when they comment and ask what they need. So from there we can get a blog topic that we will write for the future.

=> We will know that the writing that we convey to the readers can be understood by them or not.

When I blogged for the first time. His name was also the first time, maybe when we were writing articles or content on our blogs, we must have thought What we write can be understood by the reader or not. So from there, we think again, if the article we write cannot be understood by the reader, then write an interesting and understandable article so that the reader can convey what he gets from the article that we write.

2. The Benefits of Commenting for the Reader.

Readers / Visitors ? It is one of the main goals for a blogger, because for a blogger the reader is a king, a king who must be respected with the words we write. So, if we want to get quality comments from a reader, then make quality articles and can attract readers.

Readers will get what they want from the articles that we write, therefore if they comment on your blog, respect those who have commented with us replying to comments from them, so they know that the author also respects people who read the article. he wrote. Therefore, if they find our articles again, the opportunity to visit our articles will increase greatly.

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Because he thinks that the author of the blog is very friendly and appreciates the readers who read his articles.

3. In my opinion, it is very important and very useful for our blog and readers.

  1. We will establish friendship with our blog visitors through comments or through social media.
  2. What is very important is Respecting visitors by replying to their comments on the blog, as I explained above, so he will think that we appreciate their arrival as valued visitors.
  3. So that our blog visitors do not give up if they find our articles. So, they will think they really want to visit the blog because we are kind to him.
  4. We can benefit from visitors who comment on our articles.


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