What are the Benefits of Dhikr and Praying in Daily Life

What are the Benefits of Dhikr and Praying in Daily Life

the benefits of remembrance and prayer

Dhikr and prayer is one of the important practices that the Prophet liked. In fact, Allah commands his servants to always dhikr and pray to Him, because it has many benefits. What are the benefits of dhikr? Check out the discussion about the benefits of dhikr and prayer below.

Benefits of Dhikr and Praying to Allah

It is common knowledge for Muslims that if we pray and make remembrance of Him, surely in life we ​​will be promised peace in the hereafter. There are many benefits that come with dhikr, including:

1. Calm the Heart

One of the virtues of dhikr is creating inner peace. Because, when we are doing dhikr to Allah, our hearts and minds will automatically turn to Allah. You could say, dhikr and prayer are forms of intimate communication of a servant to Allah.

No wonder, if you ask what are the benefits that can be felt with dhikr and prayer? Then the answer is the heart becomes calmer and all the problems we face feel lighter. This is as Allah says in the following verse of the Qur’an about the virtues of dhikr:

(i.e.) those who believe and their hearts find peace in the remembrance of Allah. Remember, only by remembering Allah the heart becomes peaceful(Surah Ar-Rad: 28)

2. Able to Healthy the Brain

Some people prefer to do dhikr rather than go straight home after establishing prayer. Indeed, what are the benefits of dhikr after prayer? In addition to having a positive effect on mental health, it turns out that dhikr is also able to nourish the brain. This is as revealed by the results of research at the University of Washington.

The results of the 1993 study stated that dhikr is able to activate nerve cells in the brain. So, when we do dhikr by saying sentences like “Subhanallah” repeatedly, then at that time we are activating brain cells.

3. Keep away from the Temptation of Jin and Satan

Dhikr allows a servant to remember Allah more often. One of them is through reading Asmaul Husna which has many virtues. What are the virtues of people who are accustomed to dhikr to Allah through Asmaul Husna?

The answers are many. Starting from reminding the servant of the greatness and majesty of Allah, to keeping him from all doubts about Allah. Because, in reading Asmaul Husna there are good qualities of God that make us more confident and have faith in Him.

By getting used to dhikr, the faith of a servant will increase, so that he is able to guard him from the temptations of jinn and devils. Because the devil will always tempt humans. However, they can be defeated by strong faith in Allah.

This is as Allah says in the following verse:

Verily, they are the devils who frighten (you) with their loyal companions, so do not fear them, but fear Me, if you are believers.(Surah Al-Imron: 176)

4. Removing Sins

By practicing dhikr in our hearts solemnly, we also indirectly ask Allah for forgiveness for all mistakes and sins. For this reason, dhikr is a practice that is able to erase sins, keep us away from immoral acts, and save us from the fire of hell.

The benefits of this dhikr are related to the following hadith of the Prophet:

The son of Adam never did anything that brought him a guarantee of salvation, from Allah’s punishment more than remembering Allah SWT,” (Sahih Al-Jaami 5633).

The hadith of the prophet above shows that dhikr is able to guarantee the safety of every servant who practices it correctly. With istiqomah dhikr, we have also saved the time we have from doing immoral acts and things that are not useful.

5. Launching Sustenance

As servants, we should be grateful to Allah and always remember Him at all times. One of them is by giving thanks through prayer and dhikr to Allah. At that moment we can also ask for an abundance of sustenance that is a blessing from Him.

Allah says in QS. Al-Jumuah: 10, that by remembering Allah as much as possible, then he will be lucky.

When the prayer is done, then you are scattered on the earth, and seek the bounty of Allah and remember Allah much so that you may be successful.(Surah Al-Jumuah: 10)

The verse above shows that one of the benefits of dhikr and prayer is to open the door of sustenance. Of course, we need to do this practice together by always trying our best to pick up sustenance from Him. For example, by diligently working every day and not giving up easily.

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Those are the 5 benefits of dhikr and prayer that we can get if we aretiqomah to practice it. It turns out that the benefits are not only influential for reassuring the mind, but also launch sustenance. So what are you waiting for? Keep Istiqomah dhikr and prayer to achieve virtue from Him.

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