What are the negative impacts if we don’t implement PHBS

What are the negative impacts if we don’t implement PHBS

Clean and Healthy Living Behavior or commonly abbreviated as PHBS is an effort to live a healthy life carried out by community groups. The purpose of implementing PHBS is for the community as agents of change to improve their lifestyle to be clean and healthy.

Some Negative Impacts If Not Implementing PHBS

PHBS of course has become an obligation for every member of the community, especially during times of Covid like this. Raising awareness is paramount. If we are negligent and do not implement PHBS itself, it will have negative impacts such as:

1. Nutrient Absorption Disorders in the Body

the impact of not applying phbs

Digestive disorders are very influential on the body’s health system. This disorder can be serious and have bad effects on the body, such as lack of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Symptoms of this disorder are weight loss, flatulence in children, and diarrhea.

If left unchecked, in the end the disruption of nutrient absorption will attack the brain, nervous system, liver, bones, and other organs of the body. More careful in taking antibiotics can help prevent these things.

2. Emotional Mental Disorder

emotional mental

If you don’t apply PHBS properly, you can experience mental and emotional disorders. Meanwhile, the symptoms of each mental health disorder can be different, depending on each type experienced. Sufferers usually often experience excessive emotions, differences in thought patterns, and changes in behavior.

In Indonesia itself, people with mental health disorders are identified with the term ‘mental illness’ and even often experience many unpleasant treatments. In fact, if you pay attention to people with mental health disorders, they can be given special treatment at the hospital.

In general, emotional disorders also often appear in various circles of society. Generally, people experience depression or anxiety. Some symptoms of emotional mental disorders are irritability, frustratedor physical symptoms, such as stomach pain, nausea, or headaches.

Disorders that occur in mental health are commonly referred to as mental illness, where mental health conditions can affect mood, mind, and body health.

3. Occurrence of Obesity

What are the negative impacts if we don't implement PHBS

Obesity or overweight is a disorder of the body by involving excessive fat in the body. The consequence of obesity is the increased risk of health problems .

Obesity usually often occurs because the calories that enter the body are more than the calories expended by the body, such as when doing sports or other normal activities. Physical exercise and a low-carb diet have benefits for weight loss.

4. Causes Metabolic Syndrome

What are the negative impacts if we don't implement PHBS

Getting used to an unhealthy lifestyle can have a negative impact on body health, such as Metabolic Syndrome. Metabolic syndrome itself is a condition that has a risk of being susceptible to disease strokeheart, and diabetes.

An unhealthy lifestyle can of course reduce health and can cause disease. However, a healthy lifestyle is able to maintain a healthy body and be able to avoid various diseases.

Various PHBS Indicators

In order to create a healthy community environment to prevent the negative impacts previously described, there are several PHBS arrangements that cannot be separated from several elements of society who are involved in daily activities.

5 indicators of PHBS, namely PHBS in the household, PHBS in schools, PHBS in the workplace, PHBS in health facilities, and PHBS in public places. By implementing PHBS that has been set by the Ministry of Health, it is hoped that the community can avoid dangerous diseases.

So, it is necessary to implement these practices in order to create a clean, healthy, safe, and comfortable environment. In addition, you should always keep your food intake and do regular physical activity, such as walking, jogging, cycling, and so on.

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