What Are the Types of Project Management Certification?

What Are the Types of Project Management Certification?

Project Management Certification – College doesn’t need to be high, bro! Is it true or not? In fact, nowadays academic achievements and levels do not determine the skills and knowledge a person has. Especially with the many online course services to certification!

Project management certification is one of them. Maybe you’ve often heard that a project manager must have great negotiation, time managing and budgeting skills, but to what extent do you have that ability?

Well the answer is in the certification that you have. This is why certification can really help recruiters or project management service seekers to entrust their duties to you. No kidding, your salary can be 25% higher!

Let’s get acquainted directly with the types of project management certifications! Which one do you want to try, friend?

What Are the Types of Project Management Certification?

1. Project Management Professional (PMP)

This is the most popular and respected project management certification! If you already have this title behind your name, wow, guaranteed recruiters will be scared and amazed!

This certification is global in nature and is intended for those of you who have experience as a project manager for at least 3 years.

You must also have 60 professional development units over the next 3 years to defend this title, yes! Professional development unit is the number of working hours to teach and learn in webinars and engage in mentoring.

2. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

For those of you who are still afraid of Project Management Professional certification, you can try CAPM.

The reason is, CAPM tends to focus on basic and easier project management. But you have to update it every 5 years, mate!

3. Program Management Professional (PgMP)

In contrast to project management, program management tends to be taken up by senior staff because they are required to be able to manage several projects at once.

Professional management programs must also be able to direct and manage the organization as a whole, you know!

No wonder the person who can take this certification must be highly experienced and may be an important person in the company.

Just like PMP, PgMP must also maintain by having 60 professional development units for 3 years.

4. Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)

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Maybe you are unfamiliar with this term, but the portfolio manager also plays an important role, friend!

The portfolio manager is tasked with ensuring that the performance and targets carried out by the company are in accordance with value as well as the vision and mission to be achieved.

This is why PfMP is generally taken by executives in large companies or senior staff who know the company well.

Similar to PMP and PgMP, you can maintain it by having 60 professional development units for 3 years.

Where can you register?

There are so many project management certifications that you can take! But the most famous and respected ones are from PMI aka Project Management Institute.

Why? Because PMI offers certifications that are recognized in all countries of the world and cover almost all industries, friends! No need to hesitate anymore to try changing industries because your degree is still valid.

The price is really wow. But you can try and study other certifications such as Udemy to Google Project Management which can be accessed on Coursera. The price is certainly cheaper if you go through e-course, yes.

How are you, friend, are you interested in getting the certification yet? If you can, it can really be installed on LinkedIn and your personal website so that potential clients can see your portfolio.

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