What are you doing in Busan? Check out 9 Tourist Attractions in Busan!

Busan is the second largest city in South Korea after Seoul. The first city I visited in order backpacker-an to Korea is Busan.

Its location which is located in the southern part of this ginseng country is suitable with itinerary what i made is start from Busan and finish in Seoul.

I traveled to Korea alone without a tour at the end of autumn. The sky is clear every day, the sun is shining but not hot because of the cool air.

Colorful leaves with a combination of red, yellow, orange, and green. Finally, my dream to the country of the four seasons, especially to experience autumn, has finally come true.

Most of the traveler I met more with Busan than Seoul. He said Busan is more relaxed. Especially in summer, many tourists go on vacation and spend time at famous beaches around Busan.

Since I came in winter, I didn’t even go to the beach. What can you do in Busan?

Here are tourist attractions in Busan that you can visit:

1. Beomeosa Temple

As the most famous temple in Busan, it turns out to go to Beomeosa Temple quite easy. Just take subway line 1 to Beomeosa Station then continue with bus number 90. There is no entrance ticket.

Because I had enough time, I spent the whole day trekking and circling this temple area. Although sometimes I get lost, I enjoy the beauty of the autumn atmosphere in the Beomeosa temple area.

As a historical relic of the Silla Kingdom which is more than 1,300 years old, the structure of the building also displays the characteristics of Korean culture. Had been damaged by the Japanese army in the past, this temple was repaired again.

To get to know more specifically about the history of South Korea, you can visit Gyeongju which was once the capital of the Silla Kingdom.

Part of the temple is used for worship and is also a home for monks. Beomeosa Temple provides programs temple stay, when compared to other temples the price is cheaper which is around 50,000 KRW (Rp 600,000) per night. Besides going around the temple, visitors can also try hiking in Mount Geumjeongsan.

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beomeosa temple tourist attractions in busan

2. UN Memorial Cemetery

To commemorate the services of the heroes who died in the Korean War in 1950, the government voluntarily gave land to the United Nation which is now a burial area for soldiers.

A total of 16 countries are involved in the war between South and North Korea. Entering the cemetery area, two guards in full uniform greeted me.

I saw a triangular shaped building that looked like a chapel.

Inside this building a short video about the Korean war plays. What a tragic situation at that time. Visit to UN Memorial Cemetery free or free of charge.

The closest subway station to this tourist spot in Busan is Daeyon Station.

UN memorial Cemetery Busan

3. Jalgachi Market

Jalgachi Market is the most famous seafood market in Busan. So don’t be surprised when you see giant crabs, fish, shellfish, and more.

These fish are caught in the waters between Korea, China and Russia. Seeing the buying and selling activities in this market is very interesting. The nearest subway station is Jalgachi Station.

4. Nampodong

Right beside Jalgachi Market there is a shopping area that is also famous, namely Nampodong. Many shops line this area. You can find various types of clothes, beauty tools, everything here.

Another thing that makes the Nampodong area interesting is Gukje Market Food Street. Here you can try Korean specialties.

This market is usually busy with traders selling on the side of the road. If you are tired, you can just sit at the cafe in this area.

5. Yongdusan Park

Tired of walking around Jalgachi Market and Nampodong, I finally sat down to rest my sore legs on the Yongdusan Park. In the center of the park there is a statue of Yi Sun-sin, a naval hero in South Korea.

Visitors can ride Busan Tower Observatory with a height of 129 meters to see the view of the city of Busan. The ticket price to go up is 8,000 KRW (Rp 100,000).

6. Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

This beautiful temple is situated on the edge of a cliff with sea views. Haedong Yonggusa Temple is also one very famous tourist spot in Busan.

Not many temples in South Korea are located by the sea. Usually temples in Korea are located in mountainous areas, so this temple is quite famous.

When I walk in I see a statue chinese zodiac totaling 12 pieces. To reach the main temple you have to go down a long staircase.

The view at sunset is very beautiful. The sound of the waves crashing against the rocks makes the atmosphere in this temple very peaceful. To get here, you can take the subway to Heundae Station followed by bus number 181.

haedong yongggungsa tourist attractions in busan

I did not visit some of the lists below. Some of the tourist attractions below I share as additional information only.

7. Gamcheon Culture Village

This tourist spot in Busan is famous for its colorful buildings, perfect for tfour yang instagramable. The location is actually not far from the tourist attractions of Jalgachi Market and Nampodong.

In the beginning Gamcheon Culture Village just an area for refugees after the Korean War. In 2010 this area was finally transformed into a tourist spot which eventually became very popular.

We recommend visiting in the morning because the later this area will be more crowded.

What are you doing in Busan? Check out 9 Tourist Attractions in Busan!
Source: SeongPhil Jang

8. Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach is the most popular beach in Busan. Usually crowded in summer. Not far from this beach there is a traditional market called Haeundae Market which sells various foods as well.

If you come with small children, you can visit SEA LIFE Busan Aquarium. The nearest subway station is Haeundae Station.

9. Gwangalli Beach

Another famous beach besides Haeundae Beach is Gwangalli Beach. Gwangalli Beach is better known for its fine sand. At night you can see a light show overlooking Gwangandaegyo Bridge.

That’s 9 tourist attractions in Busan that you can visit when on vacation to South Korea. Before going there, don’t forget to apply for a South Korean visa first.

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