What Can Online Business and Marketing Do?

What Can Online Business and Marketing Do
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Are you a student who is confused about choosing a major?

Or are you choosing a major that is in high demand today?

Did you know that today’s department has a lot of interest and is the most favorite major for vocational high schools?

In fact, this department is 100% supported by the Government, and until now it is always being developed.

Yes, majoring in Online Business and Marketing.

What do you think about the Online Business and Marketing major? And what do you learn in online business and marketing majors?

So what can online business and marketing do? A series of questions always come up when you hear about online business and marketing majors.

For that, it doesn’t take long, you must read this CariDuit.id article to the end.

Because each content will explain in detail about online business and marketing.

So you can get to know more about online business and marketing.

Definition of Online Business and Marketing

Online Business and Marketing or better known as BDP is a department at a Vocational High School that studies the field of marketing both online and offline.

This department is made the most favorite department by the Ministry because it supports the development of industry 4.0 which is being promoted by the Government.

So that the Ministry of Education and Culture participates in issuing competency standards for online business learning and marketing for vocational schools.

Online business and marketing are competencies that have been introduced since the change in the KTSP curriculum to the 2013 curriculum (K13).

This change was also positively welcomed by all vocational schools, because it was able to change the stigma of a marketing business that only focuses on the retail business into an online business or online business.

The materials taught in the online business and marketing department are:

Economics Business Management and Business Administration
Communication Studies
Online business
Product Arrangement and others.

So, at this point, you are interested in not majoring in online business and marketing?

What Can Online Business and Marketing Do

Advantages of Online Business and Marketing Courses

For those of you who are still 50:50, choose this major or not. You should know the advantages of majoring in online business and marketing. The following are the advantages of online business and marketing according to CariDuit.id

1. This course teaches today’s marketing that has changed a lot. In the past, marketing might only be done offline, but over time, marketing has been done online.

2. The online business and marketing department is a department that is in accordance with the concept of industrial development 4.0. Of course, this makes online business and marketing the most relevant majors to be your chosen major.

3. Online business and marketing is a multifunctional department, where you will learn things like marketing, design, photography, websites, coding, and other technologies. So if you enter this major, you are ready to develop your talents.

4. You can take advantage of the online business and marketing (BPD) major while learning to make a profit. So get ready, you’re still in school but already earning.

Those are the advantages that you can consider if you are planning to major in online business and marketing.

What do you think online business and marketing can do? Wow, this question doesn’t really need to be answered.

Because you yourself must have known the most suitable job position for this major. But to make sure this business has good job prospects in the future, you can listen to the following.

Online Business and Marketing Job Opportunities

Online Shop

The first job you can try is to open an online shop. Of course you already understand how good online promotion techniques are.

Of course this is very useful if you are able to open an online shop. Moreover, nowadays, conventional shopping is not as busy as online shopping. So you can use this as an opportunity to increase your income.

Content Creator

You can also be a content creator, whether in the form of images, writing, video, sound or other things. In this day and age, content creators are very much needed, because there are many jobs that demand everything digital.

Reseller & Dropshipper

You can also consider becoming a reseller and dropshipper as your additional income if you don’t have a product.

Then this choice is the most appropriate, because you do not need to produce a product. You just buy the product to resell.

Of course, you already understand very well how to become a profitable reseller and dropshipper.


If you don’t like bound work, then becoming a freelancer is the right choice.

Because you will get money when the client project you are working on has been completed so there is no contract system.

And the good thing about being a freelancer is that you don’t need to be bound by place and time. You can work wherever you like and there are no working hours.

Marketing Analysis

You can work as a marketing analyst. Where the task is to process, analyze, and present data about target marketing for the needs of the company and clients.

Social Media Marketing

What can online business and marketing graduates do? Yep can work as a social media marketing. His job is to market products or services using internet social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter and others.

Digital Marketing Staff

You can also have a career as a digital marketing staff. Its job is to think about content to be used as a business marketing strategy.

You must be able to master digital marketing strategies using various platforms, in addition to social media you must also understand search engines.

Marketing Supervisor

Another job opportunity that you can try is to become a marketing supervisor whose job is to help companies develop and create even better marketing strategies.

Advertising staff

An online business and marketing job prospect that you can try is to become an advertising staff. His job is of course managing and designing campaigns for advertising a product.

Marketing Admin

You can choose a career as a marketing admin. The marketing admin is tasked with assisting staff in compiling various sales data and client needs.


The last thing you can choose is to become an entrepreneur or entrepreneur. With the business and marketing knowledge you have, of course you can run and create your own business.

There are actually many other jobs that you can try when you choose to major in online business and marketing.

For example, becoming an instagram influencer, tiktok influencer, youtuber, blogger, and many more. To further confirm that you choose this major or not, you can read the following important things.

Online Business and Marketing My Choice or not?

Maybe this department has just been introduced and developed. But believe it or not, this major is the most reliable major considering that every year a business always develops.

That is why, you must learn how to do business with new methods.

Through the Department of Online Business and Marketing (BPD) you will begin to recognize knowledge that you can apply to start making money.

What Can Online Business and Marketing Do

Here are 10 reasons why online business and marketing should be your choice.

1. Can explore marketing knowledge

This course is able to make you explore the science of marketing. How to make the right promotional strategy.

This will make you have the ability to be persuasive and become an expert in the field of online and offline marketing.

2. Lots of job opportunities

As mentioned earlier, majoring in online business and marketing has endless job opportunities.

3. Good career for the future

Until whenever a company or SME will need people to work in the field of marketing. So graduates of this major do not need to worry about careers for the future.

4. Wide field of work

You choose this major, then the field of work that you can choose is also very broad. According to what you are studying. For that you do not need to be discouraged.

5. Honing communication skills

In marketing a product, communication is needed. So indirectly you hone your communication skills. Having good communication skills is certainly able to add value to yourself.

6. Practicing Confidence

Consciously or not, offering a product means you are training your self-confidence.

How come? Yes, because you dare to invite someone to communicate and learn to make that person interested in the product you are offering.

So indirectly it will increase your confidence.

7. broad relation

Choosing a major in online business and marketing will make you build relationships with many people.

Because you will meet and communicate with various people from different backgrounds, this is certainly able to increase your relationship with other people and form relationships that benefit you.

8. Get business knowledge

By studying online business and marketing, it means that you get business knowledge that you can apply if you open your business.

Of course you already understand how the strategy and the right way to promote your business. Hmm .. you can make this as a source of income you know!

9. Be an up-to-date person

If you choose this major, you will definitely be up to date. Because every day will get new information about business developments and marketing.

10. Flexible workplace

As a person in charge of marketing, you will meet various clients.

Your work is certainly not always in the office. You can travel and work anywhere.

So, those are the things you can consider whether online business and marketing majors are the majors you want or not?

Any major always has prospects and job opportunities, if you are able to pursue and focus.

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