What Does a UX Writer Really Do?

UX Writer, have you ever heard of this profession, friend? So far, not many Indonesians know that there is a prestigious profession called UX Writer. Although until now there are still not many professionals who are in this field in Indonesia, but that doesn’t mean you can do this one profession skip Just like that! There is a great salary offer if you can be one of them. The salary is very tempting, you know, friend! Very interesting, right?

What is UX Writer?

what is UX Writer
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“The UX Writer’s job is just to write. How is it different from other writers?”

The words above are the most widely spoken words by our society. Any profession that has a name “writer”-is considered the same. This profession is also very often underestimated. In fact, this one profession is a very prestigious job. So, who and what do you actually do?

The word UX comes from the word user experience. So far, do you start to imagine, friend, what is a UX Writer? This is a profession in charge of writing on digital products that the company offers. An example of a digital product that usually uses the services of this profession is an application.

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You must have accessed an application, right? But, maybe you don’t realize that as long as you access the application, you are actually reading the writings made by them. The short essay is the result of his work. So, if you ask what a UX Writer is, then the answer is a profession whose job is to build communication with product users through concise writings on the product.

id="benarkah-ux-writer-adalah-pekerjaan-yang-mudah">Is it true that UX Writer is an easy job?

witer UX job
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If you read the definition of this profession, it seems that their job is easy, right? Eits, make no mistake, friend! There is a great responsibility that a person with this profession has. A UX Writer must be able to make customers feel comfortable when reading their writing. In fact, as much as possible customers are made “unconscious” that they are reading. It is as if the writings are one with the product.

As a person in this profession, you have an obligation to make writing that is easy to read and understand by customers. As much as possible the writing made is writing that is very concise and can be understood even by the elderly. To be able to get into a profession like them, you need to do these three main activities:

  1. Research

Why is it necessary to do research? This profession needs to really understand the customer. This profession is required to be able to find solutions to the obstacles that customers have when using the product.

  1. Write

His name too writer, Of course, the main task is writing. What distinguishes the writing of a UX Writer and other writers is the content of the writing that is created. They specifically write for products. Usually the writing is written that is concise and easy to understand.

  1. Collaborate

This is a mandatory activity of this profession, friend! A UX Writer must be able to collaborate with product owners and other parties before creating writing.

After reading what is a UX Writer and its duties, do you still think that its duties and responsibilities are easy?

Interested in becoming a UX Writer, friend?

Interested in being a UX Writer or not, friend? If you are interested in making UX writing your job, you need to have these four things in you:

id="1-kemauan-yang-besar-untuk-terus-belajar">1. Great willingness to keep learning

Until now, this profession is still quite rarely practiced. Few people have skills in this area. There will always be new lessons about UX Writing so you should be prepared to learn along the way.

2. Open with criticism and suggestions

If you have a career in this field, you will definitely collaborate with many people. You can’t feel superior on the team. There will be times when your work will be judged by others. At that time, you must be a good listener and listen to the assessment with an open mind.

3. Think like a designer

A designer is not just creating a work of art without meaning. A designer also needs to think about his art that can be more easily used by customers. This mindset also needs to be owned by someone who is in the field of writing on this one. This profession needs to have a mindset to make it easy for customers.

4. Good at interpersonal relationships

You will be involved with many people. You will really need interpersonal communication skills to relate to your colleagues later.

That’s the information about a prestigious profession that is not widely recognized. Information from Hosting Expert, This best hosting service provider is very helpful, right? You become more aware of what a UX Writer actually does. If you’re interested, don’t forget to hone in on the four things that special writers must have user experience above, bro!

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