What equipment do you need for a presentation?

RahmanCyber.NET | techno – Hi Visitor Friend Racy Kindhearted, Who is not familiar with presentations? almost most students feel what is called a presentation, or even if you are still in elementary / junior high / high school, you might meet a presentation.

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Long ago, presentations still used rote memorization and speaking in front of the class, while carrying chalk on the blackboard, because computers, PCs or laptops had not yet become a primary need, if you could say they were still a luxury item.


But now times have changed, we know this era is the era of millennials being parents… yes… where computer usage tends to become commonplace or commonplace.

Millennials are a generation that has felt that technology is not yet established and technology is quite well established, so this generation understands the past and the present. There is an era where everything is still traditional and an era where everything is modern today.

Meanwhile, the next generation is a generation that really lives in an era of established technology. Yes, one of them is when PCs, laptops, computers have become primary needs… It can’t be denied anymore..


in the current pandemic era, as if forcing humans to be modern! You can see how many things have changed from manual, face-to-face to virtual.

Cashless has also emerged as a payment solution for buying and selling transactions, thereby minimizing human touch. Actually, it’s a bit scary, isn’t it, but… I don’t know, we can’t predict why in 2020 there will be such an epidemic that seems to hint “To KEEP YOUR DISTANCE, or was it because you were too close together before? I don’t know.”

Yes, ok, let’s get straight to it 😀

style="text-align: left;">What is Presentation?

Presentation is the process of exchanging ideas, ideas, information and knowledge to other people, either alone or in groups with single or multiple participants.

Who is Presenter?

The presenter is the person who makes the presentation.

So if for a TV show or formal event, “Who

is the presenter?” the presenter here is the one who brings the program, the food is the presenter, he presents it to the audience, brings the flow of the event to the end of the presentation to the audience.

What Tools Are Needed in a Presentation?

There are several tools that presenters should master before making a presentation in front of the public or audience, including:

1. Laptop / PC / Computer (Hardware)

This device clearly has a major role, because this is where we store our presentation files, and this is where we run our presentation files. If our presentation is done online LIVE online, for example using zoomthen this Laptop / PC becomes a mandatory device.

laptop for presentation

2. Presentation Software (Software)


are lots of software or software that can be used to create and run a presentation, which are usually used by many people Microsoft Office Powerpoint.

Because the software above is paid, it is not uncommon for some people to look for other free alternatives, such as OpenOffice, LibreOffice , Free Office… if we look at it, the function is the same and only has different features.

But both of them can be used for presentation purposes.

3. Pointer, Remote Presenter, or Laser Pointer

For multiple presenters, using Laser Pointer In this way, they become more confident, have higher flexibility because they don’t have to sit or stand in front of a laptop, but they can walk, even approach the audience, so that they become more interactive.


By using a laser pointer, you will have full control over the movement of the presentation slides and of course your appearance, visitors who want to present, become more professional and convincing.

4. Projector

Even though it’s a trivial thing, you have to understand, at least you understand connecting from a laptop to a projector. Even though sometimes there are technicians or people who take care of the technical part, you can just ask them for help, but what if there isn’t one?


will be confused yourself and of course it will interfere with your concentration in delivering a presentation.

projector for presentation

But here visitors,

For example, something unwanted happens such as the image fading, the color changes, or the display enlarges or some other problem, if we have studied it before, then fine, just fine.. even when people see we can solve problems independently, there will be a plus itself or audience trust in us as presenters.

Because the LCD projector is an absolute must-have component when presenting to the public directly. Maybe when we are virtual, using zoom or streaming, we don’t need a projector, because everyone already uses their respective devices, it can be laptops or smartphones.

In essence, the projector is used to display a laptop screen slide to a larger screen so that the audience can see it.

5. Microphone

Actually, if we are only presenting in a small area, we don’t need a microphone, but it’s different when we present online, whether it’s zoom meetings, google meetings or other virtual, for example streaming youtube, facebook.

We need something called a microphone. Because that’s how our voices can be heard. Likewise, when we present directly with a wider scope of participants, we still need a microphone and sound system such as speakers as loudspeakers.

6. Internet connection (eg Modem, Mifi, or cable internet)

This becomes absolute when we want to present online, use zoom meetings or google meet or Webex and many others that require streaming capabilities. Because if there is no internet connection, how can we connect to each other? you can’t.

If your presentation is live, then you don’t really need an internet connection, except when indeed what you are presenting has a need related to an internet connection, for example a real-time website demo.

For virtual presentation purposes, a stable internet connection is needed, because if the connection is disconnected, this will affect the quality of our presentation delivery to the audience.


That’s the discussion What equipment do you need for a presentation? . By learning some of the small things above, it is hoped that you will become more confident as presenters and of course will be able to add our own value as presenters.

Besides, you need to learn How to make attractive presentation slides.. so that the audience becomes excited to pay attention to your presentation.

In order to increase knowledge, you can learn how to use Online Video Conference Media like Zoom App

I hope this discussion is useful.. and let’s be technology literate.. ^_^

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