What is a Clubhouse? Which Social Media Will Be Trending in 2021?

Recently, there has been a lot of excitement with social media or an application called Clubhouse. What is a Clubhouse? How does it work? Why should you try using the Clubhouse app? Read on!

What is a Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-chat-based social media application, where users can listen to conversations, interviews, or discussions of several people on certain topics in a room.

The model is similar to a podcast, only it’s done manually live. Clubhouse is also similar to a zoom application, only in the form of sound without video.

Clubhouse has recently become a trend because important figures such as Elon Musk or Mark Zuckenberg also use this application.

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How do I join the Clubhouse?

Currently the Cloudhouse application can only be used by Iphone/IOS users. You can go directly to the App Store to download the Clubhouse application.

Even though you can download, that doesn’t mean you can join right away. You must get an invitation or invitation by a Clubhouse user to use this application.

Each user who has joined can send 2 invitations via mobile number.

You can also get your username by entering your e-mail address, only the system is a “waiting list”. So you have to wait.

how to use clubhouse

Try the Clubhouse app and its features

Okay, I will explain how the steps of the sign-in process are, and how the appearance or features of this Clubhouse application.

The process of signing in and creating a Clubhouse account

  1. Your friend must send an invitation or an invitation by entering your cellphone number.
  2. Select “Have an invite text? Sign in”
  3. Enter your phone numberto send an SMS in the form of a verification code
  4. Enter the verification code,
  5. Fill in the name, username, interest, and the figure or figures you want to follow.

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Clubhouse app appearance and features

The following is the appearance and features of the Clubhouse application:

1. Display dashboard or front page

The front view contains the currently running room. You can also open a new discussion room by selecting “start a room”.

When in the room, there is an option to “raise hand” if you want to ask the speaker, and there is also an icon in the form of plus to ping your friend to enter the room.

So, in the Clubhouse, there are 3 roles, namely:

  1. Moderator. When you open a new room you will be the moderator. As a moderator, you can adjust the flow of the conversation and make the listener as comfortable as possible in the room. So you can ask questions, or throw the opportunity to speak to other speakers.
  2. Speaker. Speakers or speakers can give opinions. As much as possible considerate with other speakers, know when to mute and unmute.
  3. Listeners. Listeners or listeners are people who can only hear the contents of the conversation. If you want to ask a question, you can “raise your hand” and moderators can raise you as a speaker.
clubhouse view
front page view or Clubhouse dashboard

create room clubhouse
Start a room

2. Explorer view

On the top left side there is a magnifying glass icon which is the explore page. On the explore page you can find users or users that you can follow, as well as conversations or clubs that have been grouped according to the topic.

The name clubhouse means there is also a club. The club is like an association of members with similar interests.

To create a new club, you can apply to the Clubhouse team on the condition that you have to create a room with the same title 3 times.

explore feature
Explore features

3. Clubhouse invite feature

The letter icon is an invite feature. As I mentioned before, each user can invite 2 new friends on your cellphone contact.

If you have used both, then you cannot invite again. It’s just that, if you actively create rooms and become a moderator, there is a possibility that you will get additional opportunities to invite other people.

invite clubhouse
Clubhouse invite feature

4. Event features

The icon is in the form of a calendar containing events that you can join. You can schedule an event too. There are also options to share, tweet, copy links, and also add to calendar.

clubhouse events
Upcoming events
added new event
Added new events

5. Activity features

The bell-shaped icon is an activity as well as a notification. For example, if someone follows you, or someone you follow creates a new room, it can be seen in the activity section.

activity features
Activity features

6. Profile

The icon located at the top right is your profile account containing the name, usernametotal followers and followingand bios.

You can also link Twitter and Instagram social media on your profile. You should make a bio that explains your profession or background.

On the top right side of the profile is the section settings, where you can update your interests, or if you need help you can contact the Clubhouse team.

Clubhouse Profile
Clubhouse Profile
Settings section

Reasons why you should download the Clubhouse app:

Some of the reasons why Clubhouse could become the next major social media platform:

  1. This application is used by professional figures such as CEOs, founders, and people who have high credibility.
  2. Typical social media algorithm with spontaneous or live chat.
  3. Content focuses on discussion of a topic that is useful and has high value.
  4. Clubhouse users are quite loyal, so they are very careful in determining who is invited to join the app.
  5. Clubhouse emphasizes audio, in contrast to other social media that emphasizes images or text.
  6. In the future, Clubhouse will add new features such as tipping, purchase tickets or subscriptions, and also pay creators directly.

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In my personal opinion, Clubhouse social media app has great potential for content creator who want to use a platform with an audio format.

Moreover, Clubhouse has announced that there will be a feature where listeners can pay to join in the discussion so that it can be a source of income as a source of income content creator.

Seems interesting to monitor progress Clubhouse social media. What do you think? Have you downloaded the Clubhouse app and used it? Comment below yes!

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