What is Brainware? Know the Definition, Functions, Types & Examples

In addition to hardware and software, brainware is one part of a computer component that cannot be separated. However, it turns out that some people are still unfamiliar with the term brainware.

In fact, a computer will not be able to operate without brainware, you know, friend. For that, let’s understand more about what brainware is in the following review!

What is brainware?

The definition of brainware is someone who operates computer devices, both in the form of software (software) and hardware (hardware).

Broadly speaking, the role of brainware is to ensure that the computer equipment used operates according to the user’s wishes.

Although computer equipment has been designed to be sophisticated, it still needs to be explored and developed according to the needs of the field of work. So that brainware is an important component in managing computer processes to work optimally and directed.

So, it can be concluded that the relationship between hardware, software, and brainware is interrelated with each other. Nothing is the most important, because everything has its own role. If the three are balanced, then the computer program becomes smooth to use.

id="fungsi-brainware">Brainware function

Brainware has several main functions that you really need to know, friend. Because it allows more than one function, of course brainware is an important part of the running of a computer system when operating.

1. As administrator

Brainware function is as administrator. Administrators have a role to ensure that the network structure on the computer is well organized. Without an administrator, of course the computer will not be able to operate optimally because it does not set the rules that should be set.

2. As a programmer

Furthermore, the function of brainware is as a programmer. Designing is the main task of a programmer. So, the programmer will determine how the computer program will run and ensure the security of the program is protected from crash

as well as viruses.

3. As operator

Brainware’s function as an operator is to perform maintenance

(maintenance) of the system after the program has been created by a programmer. In addition, the operator also monitors and ensures that the computer equipment is running properly.

brainware components

There are two types of brainware components that have their respective duties in operating a computer, namely hardware and software engineers.

1. Hardware engineer

One component of brainware is a hardware engineer. As the name suggests, hardware engineers focus on computer hardware that will manage engineering development or improve product quality, whether making modifications to expanding computer programs that are more professional than before.

2. Software engineers

More focused on networked computers, software engineers are tasked with designing new programs that can later be improved if needed.

Types of brainware

Types of brainware Currently, it is already diverse because the computer system has also penetrated into various aspects of work. What’s more, with digitization that is growing rapidly, so that a qualified computer program is needed that is able to support daily performance and activities.


what is it? types of brainware which exists? Let’s see together!

1. Computer operator

The main task of a computer operator is to follow the instructions and directions of the programmer when running a computer system. Computer operators are also responsible for processing data related to computers.

2. Computer technician

As sophisticated as computer equipment, the name of which is damaged is commonplace and cannot be avoided. This is where the role of a computer technician is needed. Therefore, one of these types of brainware must understand various kinds of problems on computer devices, then analyze and make repairs correctly.

3. Project manager

Having good leadership skills is the main task of a project manager. This is because everything related to arrangements, starting from time, coordination between divisions, to budget settings is also the responsibility of the project manager as brainware.

4. Trainer

Another type of brainware is a trainer. Being a trainer means taking on the role of brainware. Because a trainer must have a broad and deep scope and mastery of knowledge, it is not surprising that this type of brainware

as a regulator of the distribution of data (here the scope is science) from one person to another.

5. Network specialist

Becoming a specialist means mastering a particular field in depth. That means, the network specialist on brainware is responsible for all matters related to the computer network.

6. Consultant

Even though a consultant seems to only give advice or recommendations on something, what is said is of course based on assessment, research, and testing, so that a consultant can be said to be brainware.

7. System analyst

Foresight is the main ability of a systems analyst. This type of brainware is responsible for monitoring, evaluating, and designing related programs that will be run in the future.

8. Programmer

A programmer is certainly a brainware whose existence is very much needed in the computer world. Doing design to make sure everything works well, making programmers as one type of brainware with an important position.

9. Database administrator

Focusing on the database system, this type of brainware administrator is responsible for monitoring applications, organizations, and other databases that are considered important.

Example of brainware

Well, after you know the types of brainware, the following Jagoan Hosting gives an example. The examples of brainware are:

1. EDP department

Entry Data Processing (EDP) has the task of managing the company’s commercial data with an electronic system and is carried out automatically.

For example, a sale of an electronic smartphone product has some data that must be processed, such as the number of product stock, total sales, and purchase reports from customers. Later, the EDP department will manage all the data in an organized manner based on the types of data.

2. Netter

Netter is an example of brainware that makes it easier for individuals or groups of people to find information on the internet.

For example, if you look for information related to the latest laptop on a search engine like Google, then there will be a row of information related to what you want, from articles, video links to images.

3. Network system

The network system is a medium in charge of handling a network. Usually, the network system consists of various services that can later be used by the public for various needs that rely on computers and internet networks.

How, now you understand more about the term brainware? From the explanation above, it can be understood that brainware has an important role in the operation of a computer. Because, no matter how sophisticated the hardware and software, it will mean nothing without reliable brainware. Finally, I hope this article is useful! The good news, for you or friends who have a role as brainware, Jagoan Hosting is ready to help every project you want to work on, you know! For example, such as the need to manage servers. For more details, let’s check here, OK!