What is Composer? Benefits and Why Developers Should Use Composer

What is Composer? Maybe those of you who are novice programmers still don’t understand composer, what are the benefits and why many expert programmers require to use composer when coding. Let’s know more about this dependency manager tool in PHP.

What is Composer?

Composer is a dependency manager tool in PHP, Dependency itself is defined when the PHP project you are working on still needs or requires an external library. Composer serves as a liaison between your PHP project and external libraries.

If the PHP programming language uses Composer as a dependency manager, So just like Ruby uses Gems, Java uses Maven and Gradle and the entire JS community focuses on npm.

The dependency manager allows you to create and retrieve libraries in your PHP projects from the packagist.org library. Packagist.org itself is a site that provides many libraries that you can use. With the help of these tools You can connect to the packagist.org site and you can download and upload the library.

Benefits of Using a Despendency Manager

There are so many benefits that you can get when you use these tools when working on PHP projects. Besides being faster in completing projects because you can freely use libraries from packagist.org there are many other benefits. Here are the benefits of using composer when working on PHP projects.

  • By using these tools, you can be more structured when coding PHP by using the MVC concept.
  • Packages that you need when working on PHP projects will be automatically installed or updated without having to install them manually.
  • You don’t need to include all php files or php classes needed in your PHP project, because there is already an autoload that will handle this function.
  • By using a dependency manager that is connected to packagist, you can freely use the thousands of packages already available by packagist.

How Composer Works

In accordance with the explanation above, If composer uses packagist.org as the main bundle/package provider. Well, this tool is in charge of connecting programmers with packagist.org.


will submit features on versioning or integration with GitHub and/or bitbucket.

  • This tool helps find packages/bundles available on the packagist.org site.
  • Most repositories, such as Github, include links or commands ready to simplify downloading the appropriate bundle via composer.
  • Can result in a hierarchical structure, for example: A national repository website may require a continental repository site (child-parent dependency), while being a child of the frameworks repository site (a parent for the previous parent). In this way the dependency structure is created.

Why Should Developers Use the Despendency Manager?

Maybe in your mind a question arises “Why should I use composer”. Based on the explanation above, this question may have been answered.

a programmer or web developer is highly recommended to use a dependency manager to make it easier to work on projects. The PHP community or users of the PHP programming language today mostly work with the Laravel, Silex, Phalcon or Symfony2 frameworks.


time you create a new module, you also have a new version. The more bundles and versions there will be a problem. In this case dependencies are the solution to the problem.

If you have a project with a large number of dependencies and there are

  • some of them depend on other bundles,
  • or you want to choose which package is required for the project you are working on,
  • or you want to have some control over the versions of the files you install.

If you answered yes to some of the points mentioned above, then Dependency Manager is the best and perfect solution for you.

How to Install Composer

Composer Installation
Website Composer Display

Composer is a multi-platform dependency manager tool that can be installed on various operating systems. For system requirements toops this itself requires PHP 5.3.2+ to run. Rest assured when using the installer any discrepancies will be warned, Like sensitive php settings and compile flags.


installation has actually been explained in detail on the official website. To find out about the guide and how to install it. You can visit the official website at getcomposer.org.

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