What is Digital Nomad? Understanding, Types, and Tips for Success

digital nomad

With advances in technology and demography bonus, many new professions emerged that did not exist before. One of them is digital nomad. Do you know what digital nomads are? So simply, digital nomad is a job that is not related to space and time and relies heavily on technology.

It is said that this nomadic digital profession is suitable for those of you who like to work nomadicly? Curious? Let’s see the full explanation in the article below!

What is digital nomad?

Surely many of you have often heard the term digital nomad or digital nomad. Derived from the term nomadic which means a nomadic life, digital nomad is a type of work without the ties of place and time. A digital nomad can do his job anywhere and anytime.

id="viewer-2gjp7" class="mm8Nw _1j-51 _1atvN _1FoOD _3M0Fe _2WrB- _1atvN public-DraftStyleDefault-block-depth0 fixed-tab-size public-DraftStyleDefault-text-ltr" style="line-height:1.38">Digital nomads are those who don’t have to wear a uniform every day and get ready to go to work during the beginning of the week. They are also not bound by rules and have control over deciding when to work and from where to do their work.

However, are all those who don’t work from the office a digital nomad? In fact, work remote

or remotely in contrast to digital nomadic work. Work in remote still have the rules of working hours, while digital nomads are workers with complete freedom to determine their working hours.

Difference between digital nomad and freelancer

id="viewer-4snlp" class="mm8Nw _1j-51 _1atvN _1FoOD _3M0Fe _2WrB- _1atvN public-DraftStyleDefault-block-depth0 fixed-tab-size public-DraftStyleDefault-text-ltr" style="line-height:1.38">In addition to the term digital nomad, there is also the term freelancer. Then what is the difference between the two?

Difference between digital nomads and freelancer the most basic is that freelancer don’t always do their work online, while digital nomads do their work from scratch online.

In addition, in terms of work equipment, digital nomads tend not to have complete equipment as para freelancer having to travel with high frequency thus avoiding too much luggage. Temporary freelancer can equip themselves with adequate equipment because they usually work in a (permanent) place of residence.

In addition, digital nomads emphasize the flexibility of their work while freelancer

based on service offerings based on certain employment contracts.

Benefits of working as a digital nomad

There are several benefits when you work as a digital nomad, including the following:

  • Can develop yourself because there is a more flexible time distribution

  • Gained a lot of new information and experiences of the places visited

  • Developing adaptive traits on self

  • Have more time for family and yourself because there is no rule of working hours

  • Can

    do multiple jobs at once so the potential for more income

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Different types of digital nomads

Well, if work life is considered boring, you can consider becoming a digital nomad. But before that, first understand some of the types.

1. Who always on the move

This digital nomad is a hobby of adventure and will only spend a maximum of 3 months in one place. Apart from working, they also explore one of these nomadic places.

2. Who stays for 3 to 6 months

Well, longer than those who are always on the move (who is always on the move), digital nomads can also stay more than 3 months up to a maximum of 6 months in their workplace while getting to know the local culture. In addition, digital nomads can also have business opportunities other than his job.

3. Who has a home base

Don’t think that all kinds of digital nomads won’t have a home as their final destination. You can still have one destination after many trips as a digital nomad.

4. Who stays for a year or more

In addition to the types above, digital nomads can also stay for a longer period of one year or more. This semi-sedentary habit is not a problem to do as long as your work can still be done well.

Digital nomadic type of work

Today, there are many jobs that can be done remotely, including the following.

  • Designer can get the job done and send it from anywhere.

  • Voice over or voice actor able to do the job with adequate equipment. Make sure the equipment you need is always with you if you want to try your luck as a voice over.

  • Content creator is a profession that is in great demand today. You need to ensure property availability for your content to have good results.

  • Content writer is one of the digital nomadic professions because it does not require physical presence to complete work.

  • business consultant can develop his career as a digital nomad too. Interested in trying?

  • Translator it is also a profession with high flexibility and it is possible to live it remotely.

The advantages and disadvantages of digital nomads

digital nomad

When deciding to try a career in the digital nomadic world, the following advantages and disadvantages are suitable to be taken into consideration before actually diving into it.

The advantages of digital nomads include:

  • Flexibility of working time which is the main characteristic of digital nomadic work

  • Managing finances is easier because we can adjust the workplace according to the allocation of funds

  • The right to choose a job that is not available on a regular job

  • Can spend a lot of time traveling to new places as well as on vacation

While the disadvantages are:

  • Uncertainty of income due to work that relies on projects or orders

  • Having to plan relocations over several periods of time which can hinder productivity

  • Lack of work assistance when needed which is different from regular work where there are colleagues and seniors

  • Workplace comfort must be sought at all times because you have to move constantly

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The challenge of being a digital nomad

Even though being a digital nomad sounds easy and fun, there are some challenges while living it, you know!

1. All work is done independently

In contrast to a fixed and unchanging workplace atmosphere, digital nomads are jobs where we tend to find it more difficult to get help when we have difficulties at work.

This is because there are no static coworkers in our environment all the time. However, this can be minimized by increasing the number of work and community relationships.

2. Convenience of a constantly changing workplace

Because every once in a while digital nomads will change places of work, this uncertainty can lead to the absence of a conducive work environment that will definitely provide work comfort. Efforts to find a comfortable workplace can be time consuming and reduce productivity.

3. Irregular working hours can reduce productivity

When compared to office working hours in general, the flexibility of digital nomad work time can backfire because it causes a lack of commitment and tends to procrastinate.

4. Relying on an internet connection

A digital nomad’s workplace is in internet spaces. Work that should be completed and sent at a certain time may experience delays due to the absence of an adequate internet connection.

5. Income uncertainty

Digital nomad is a job that relies on orders from clients. The problem is, not every month the work comes regularly. There must be times when the work is too much and there are times when there is little. This of course has an impact on uncertain monthly income.

Tips for becoming a digital nomad

After knowing what a digital nomad is, here are some useful tips for those of you who want to try out the digital nomad profession.

1. Have high motivation

Digital nomad is a job that requires dedication and high motivation in its application. Therefore, energy and costs should not be wasted just because they do not have the determination and strong intention from the start.

2. Explore your potential

Many skills are needed today in the digital nomad world. So, determine your potential according to market demand and develop that ability to earn a living from there.

3. Create a portfolio

Since a digital nomad doesn’t work regularly for a company, it’s important that you have a portfolio in order to gain the trust of potential clients. You can create a design work and polish it as a portfolio or you can use work with previous clients as a portfolio.

4. Use various platforms to find job information

You can share your work or portfolio on social media or other remote work platforms to attract potential clients. Adjust it to your abilities and don’t forget to read the employment contract carefully.

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5. Don’t forget the emergency fund

A digital nomad will have an uncertain job all the time, so manage finances having an emergency fund is a must. Draw up a worst-case scenario where you don’t get a job for several months and calculate your expenses over that time period.

6. Make a structured plan

Good planning in order to complete the work is needed by digital nomads because of the flexibility of their work time. Therefore, do planning in detail such as preparing a work plan per day and per week.

7. Don’t walk alone

Digital nomad is a job full of uncertainty, but that doesn’t mean it’s too hard to live. Join the digital nomad community to get the latest updates and get help when you need it.

8. Consumptive is taboo

The potential profit from the digital nomad profession is very high in certain types of work, this can lead to the desire to spend money to buy luxury goods when they are not really needed.

To reduce this desire, instill in yourself that digital nomads are jobs full of uncertainty. Therefore, if you receive money, immediately set it aside as an emergency fund in the future.

Digital nomadic platform recommendation

Are you sure you want to be a digital nomad? Check out some of the platforms that can be used to get a job as a digital nomad below!

  • Sribu

  • Sribulancer

  • Fiverr

  • UpWork

  • Toptal

  • Teacher

  • Simply Hired

  • 99 Designs

  • Writer Access

  • PeoplePerHour

So, that was an explanation of what digital nomads are. After reading the article above, are you more interested in becoming a digital nomad? Most importantly, don’t forget to prepare enough savings and emergency funds if you want to try out a career as a digital nomad, OK? Good luck!

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