What is Joomla CMS and what are its advantages?

Joomla CMS
Joomla CMS

Joomla is an open source CMS community that is quite attractive to designers,and web developer, in addition to its pretty good features, its operation is also quite easy for beginners. don’t need much knowledge of scripts.

Actually this is an article that I have posted on the RahmanCyber ​​Net website for a long time, the original time was around 2011 November 05.

Hehe, I deliberately flipped the date format, this is the first original article when I posted this article about Joomla.

in its development Joomla has arrived at 1.7 and is ready to be downloaded.
Additional features in Joomla 1.7 are as follows:

  • The ability to create a search menu option with pre-defined search options. This allows developers to create a menu item that pre-fills out the search fields so end-users can have a built-in search for a specific phrase.

  • Better example code for different plug-in types. The enables developers to more easily build custom extensions.

  • The ability to automatically validate form data against a list of options during the save operation. This makes it easier to protect against hackers manipulating forms and trying to save invalid data.

  • Enables the submit article form to automatically set the article category. This makes it easier for site administrators to restrict users to a specific category meaning content isn’t accidentally added to the incorrect page on a website.

  • Batch processing (copy & move) of articles is now available in the same way as it is for categories and menu items.

those are some that I quoted from the master’s site. www.joomla.org
to download version 1.7 . click here

and need We know that the Download Joomla version 1.7 link above has been deleted by the Joomla web administrator. Possibly indeed revamping the website.

But you can visit the Joomla provider website at https://www.joomla.org

Well, I was quite surprised, why? We know that popular CMS is currently dominated by WordPress, but when I look at the current Joomla website and features, wow, quite a drastic change is felt in the latest Joomla.

I believe this is indeed a challenge in technological development, so that in competition one must compete.

There is some of the advantages offered by the latest Joomlaamong others :

Search Engine Friendly
Search Engine Friendly

Mobile Friendly
Mobile Friendly / Responsive

Unlimited Design

Unlimited Designs


Multiple languages

Flexible & Fully Extensible
Flexible & Fully Extendable

Multi-User Permission Level
User Permission Level

Wow, it’s really surprising and from my search, Joomla is very suitable to be in line with the WordPress CMS which dominates the world per general website… ^_^ because it is fast and easy to customize for ordinary people.

Well, however, for you true programmers, are you? take a look at this newest Joomla CMS.. haha? I think it’s better to make it yourself, use it CMS only when there are clients who need it fast and ask for this and that.. ^_^ so that it’s not complicated, it can be used as an option..

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