What is Klitih? A Viral Phenomenon in Jogja

What is Klitih? A Viral Phenomenon in Jogja

Have you ever wondered what Klitih means, why has it become a trending topic on Twitter social media lately? And finally you find this page, maybe it will be the right solution and get new insights about what Klitih is.

It turned out that the use of the word came from the Yogyakarta area, which caused a stir on social media. A social phenomenon that makes residents around Jogja anxious, so that online motorcycle taxi drivers are also affected. Let’s find out more deeply, what exactly is Klitih?

We quote from wikipedia.orgKlitih (Javanese: klithih) is one of the social phenomena that occurs in the Special Region of Yogyakarta and the surrounding area (especially Klaten and Magelang. This phenomenon generally occurs in young people aged 14 to 19 years who are junior high school and high school students .

In general, klitih perpetrators will target targets, they are competing high school students or members of rival gangs in areas that are considered deserted, then the perpetrators conduct physical bullying against the perpetrators. Sometimes the perpetrator also takes the victim’s belongings, even including property, so sometimes this crime includes robbery. It is not uncommon for klitih victims to also die due to suffering from quite strong physical torture.

the origin of klitih jogja


Klitih itself comes from a Javanese sentence which means an activity looking for the wind outside the house or wandering. There are also those who say that klitih is a reference to Pasar Klitikan Yogyakarta where it means doing activities that are not clear and relaxed while looking for used goods and Klitikan. While the term nglitih is used to describe leisure activities.

However, the meaning of klitih then experienced a shift (peyorasi) into acts of violence with sharp weapons or out-of-the-ordinary criminal activities of minors. Starting from the commotion of one teenager from a different school with another teenager then continued by involving their respective communities. Actions to reciprocate continue to occur and are deliberately kept from generation to generation (become a tradition). The problem is, the motives of klitih are very diverse and what’s terrible, their victims can be very random. Hostility between gangs is just one of them.

The development of Klitih to become a Case

At first, klitih was just a form of bullying activity between school gangs that took place in the Special Region of Yogyakarta and its surroundings. However, over time, klitih developed into robbery activities carried out by a group of gangs (thugs) whose targets grew from enemy gangs to ordinary people. The most common, klitih done in a quiet place and occurs at night.

The klitih case is basically a phenomenon of young people in Yogyakarta who want to find their identity or recognition, especially from their friendly environment. To prove that, sometimes they need evidence in the form of goods belonging to rival gangs or at least bullying rival gangs.

That’s it buddy, what is Klitih, I hope it adds insight.

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