What is Linux? Know the Functions, Strengths and Weaknesses

Linux is one of the Operating System (OS) used on the desktop. Although not as widely known as Windows, Linux has various advantages over other OS that you should consider.

This operating system is quite easy to develop. Currently Linux has been widely used in the field of internet infrastructure and equipment such as traffic signs, cars, machines, televisions to Android-based cellphones. Want to know what are the advantages of Linux? Let’s see!

What is Linux?

Linux is a type of operating system (OS) that is open source at the same time free. One of the advantages of the Linux operating system is that you can use and develop it freely. Usually, this OS is utilized in device development. Unlike Windows which targets user and beginners.

Although rarely talked about, but Linux is an operating system that is widely used in our everyday devices. Such as, cars, electronic devices to Android-based smartphones. Even so, surely most of you have not realized it.

The History and Purpose of Linux

Before the emergence of Linux, at that time there were operating systems that appeared on the market, namely Unix and Dos, or what is now known as Windows. However, both OS is closed so it must be obtained by purchasing.


this situation, the Developer community then formed a group called GNU. This group aims to create systems and applications that are free at the same time open source, so everyone can use it.

When all the components have been completed, unfortunately there is one important component left and has not been successfully created, namely the Kernel which will be the operational center for the operation of this operating system.


then in 1991, a student majoring in Computer Science from the University of Helsinki recorded a standalone operating system and could run on new devices using the 80386 processor without entering any unique code. And that system is what we know as Linux.

Linux is an operating system that aims to make it easier for developers to develop devices, so they don’t run into complicated licenses and regulations. Seeing this goal, it is clear that Linux was created as an innovation to break the monopoly of operating systems.

id="manfaat-dan-fungsi-linux">Linux Benefits and Functions

Linux functions are less popular for the layman. Admit it, most of you must only know Windows as the operating system used on your laptop or desktop.

However, it turns out that it is not limited to that, SOb. Linux function in the industrial world is apparently very large. Linux is an OS that is widely used in making internet network infrastructure, security, industrial machines to IT.

Therefore, for developers in the industrial world, Linux is a must. Without Linux, they cannot develop tools, tools or whatever it is according to the times.

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Kinds of Linux

The Linux operating system has two types up to ten types of OS called Linux distributions and developed using the Linux Kernel. The ten types of Linux are as follows.

1. Redhat Linux

Redhat Linux is an OS developed by Red Hat Inc. company. Redhat offers advantages such as ease of installation, attractive graphic display and simple operation.

2. Debian Linux

Debian Linux OS is stable enough that it is suitable for use on admin or server computers. Debian can also be run on all types of computers. Apart from that, this OS has very advanced APT based maintenance.

3. Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu was developed and sponsored by the African company Canonical Ltd. Ubuntu routinely updates every 6 months, this OS also does not require high specs for installation and use.

4. CentOS Linux

CentOS is the most popular and largest OS among developers. It is suitable for novice programmers and is perfectly compatible with Redhat and RHEL. CentOS is a quality Freeware in enterprise affairs and is officially supported by cPanel.

5. SuSE Linux


Linux is developed by OpenSuSE Project with excellent features user friendly and stable. SuSE is known as an OS that has an attractive design and is easy to operate. And has several language options, including Indonesian.

6. Slackware Linux

Slackware is an old-school version of the OS, but it is still being used today. This OS is made by Slackware Linux Inc. with advantages such as ease of design, stability, practicality and ease of use.custom.

7. Fedora Linux

Fedora is a popular OS in America, this OS has several advantages such as an attractive desktop display, an advanced security system (SElinux), not easily attacked by viruses so that it is suitable for use in offices.

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8. Linux Mint

Mint is a Linux OS based on Ubuntu and Debian, so all applications that can operate on Debian, can automatically be operated on Mint. Its advantages include ease of use. Equipped with favorite apps and search features and integrated with multimedia codecs and Java Runtime. There are two types of Linux Mint, namely CINNAMON and MATE.

9. Mandriva Linux

Mandriva OS prioritizes ease of GUI-based installation. This OS is also supported by more than 68 languages. Mandriva is suitable for users who prioritize excellence and need office software.

10. Caldera Linux

Caldera Linux is the first type of Linux to use Auto-Detect Hardware, just like plug and play on a Mac. Another advantage is that it has an open administration system (COAS) based on a gui and has a non-boring interface.

Linux Advantages and Disadvantages

After studying the meaning of the types, you also have to know the advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the advantages of Linux.

  • Can be obtained for free and freely developed.
  • Easy to use by programmer beginner.
  • Guaranteed privacy and security.
  • Has fast performance and routinely performs updates.
  • Has many types and is suitable for developers.
  • Linux has a very wide community all over.

The disadvantages of the Linux operating system are as follows:

  • Support for hardware is still a bit.
  • Not so suitable for games.
  • There are still a few applications in it.

Well, that’s an explanation of what Linux is, starting from its history, functions to its advantages and disadvantages. Now, you know the reason why Linux is quite popular in the developer or developer community. So, make sure you choose a device with an operating system that suits your needs.