What is most important in the Lean Six Sigma Initiative?

What is most important in the Lean Six Sigma Initiative?

Lean Six Sigma is a promising investment to be able to make cost savings, if you don’t get these benefits there is a possibility that something went wrong in the implementation.

excellent people, one of the most important things in carrying out the initiative lean six sigma in the organization is the high commitment and support of the company’s management team to the initiative. Is it true that top management understand and accept its role? Are they willing to learn what a method is lean six sigma? If the answer is no, your program’s success rate will be low.

Sometimes this commitment issue is ignored by organizations. This is because reassurance by saying we will support you will not be enough to make the improvement initiative successful. In fact, class black belt although it will not succeed without the full involvement and support of top management. This includes management’s commitment to put the primary focus on customer satisfaction rather than short-term cost reductions.

Silo Potential and How to Anticipate It

In approach lean six sigmaeach company usually has an organizational structure or infrastructure project to support the improvement program. Not infrequently, the team will be selected and separated from other employees. This condition can encourage good cooperation between departments, but on the other hand it can also lead to silo at the company.

When working with blackbelt, everyone (involved in the project) understands that Black Belt work hard to help them control and improve their process so that they enthusiastically support it. But when there is a change in priorities project in the middle of the road because of one thing and many things then the trust in each other can be reduced.

Even in some cases, the team began to limit themselves in sharing knowledge. The challenges will increase if Black Belt have mindset they are superior to other employees in the organization. This of course will bring the project to failure.

Well, to anticipate this condition, management must carry out its role, namely to encourage everyone Black Belt to share knowledge with other employees. Management must ensure they are able to transfer their knowledge and experience of the methods lean six sigma. Why should? Because to get the full potential of lean six sigmaeveryone in the organization needs to understand lean six sigma either as a method, tools, and business strategy.

The Accelerator: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

lean and Six Sigma are two important methods for making continuous improvement. What organizations need to be able to get the most out of this method is to spread it to all employees at all levels including company executives.

Quotes todaysmedicaldevelopments, in 2009, 82% of Fortune 100 businesses had implemented the practice Lean Six Sigma into their business strategy. Got great success from Lean Six Sigma encourage the Company to consistently provide training Black Belt to key employees.

blackbelt, with in-depth knowledge of business improvementhave the ability to stimulate management’s point of view and way of thinking by suggesting new ways of doing things, creating innovative strategies, finding and applying tools new ones, train individuals, and challenge old policies by demonstrating the successful application of new methodologies. Black Belt able to improve sigma level company and provide extra income as the end result.

More fully, here are some of the benefits that organizations will get if they have Black Belt:

  1. Improvement will be directly connected to the company’s business strategy
  2. Improvement will have a significant impact, because they are able to see what customers want and are able to translate it in Critical to Quality
  3. Improvement go according to plan, because they mobilize and motivate the right people, at the right time and in the right way towards their goals

Black Belt Training and Certification

Companies can have Black Belt by directly recruiting certified people Black Beltbut nowadays companies prefer to print Black Belt in the organization by sending employees who meet certain qualifications and characteristics for training.

Training Black Belt generally consists of training classes that run over several days, rigorous exams, and a candidate Black Belt required to lead and complete a project improvement before getting a certificate.

For those of you (and organizations) who want to have Black Belt who are not only certified but also tough, choose a quality training institution, SSCX International, as your training partner.

SSCX has a training program Black Belt with an integrated, complete and balanced curriculum to ensure success Black Belt in leading the project. Black Belt will have the ability to carry out project execution, provide internal training, and develop skills in mentoring other employees within the scope lean six sigma. All discussion and knowledge provided in this program will cover the entire scope of the industry.

This program is very appropriate to be followed by project managers, project leaders, change agents, internal Lean Six Sigma consultants in the company, or employees who have been nominated as Black Belt. Information and registration contact the SSCX team at http://wa.me/628175763021

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