What is Software Engineering? Definition and How it Works

Manipulation software or software engineering is a series of processes that must exist in the field of technology and information systems. When talking about IT, surely this term is often associated. In fact, ordinary people are not strangers to hear it.

Along with the times, software engineering is not only needed in the IT field. However, also other companies in all fields. Well, this time we will discuss about software engineering, friend, let’s see!

What is Software Engineering?

Software engineering is a software engineering process with a disciplined, structured and systematic approach to technology. Software engineering is used in the creation of large and complex applications.

The purpose of software engineering is to create, store, disseminate and modify information. In this context the information is in the form of software or software.

Then, what is meant by software, actually, friend? Now, software is a device that does not have a physical form like hardware such as a monitor that you can see and hold.

Examples of products from software engineering are applications that you use every day, for example Maps, Siri to Facebook. All of that was developed in the software engineering engineering process.

id="perbedaan-software-engineering-dan-hardware-engineering">Difference between Software Engineering and Hardware Engineering

There is software engineering, there is also hardware engineering. Make sure you don’t equate these two things, okay? As already explained, software engineering is the process of planning to software maintenance that emphasizes development engineering such as applications.

Meanwhile, hardware engineering covers the design process to manufacture hardware or tangible hardware such as a processor, mouse or monitor. The output of the two is very different, tangible and intangible. Therefore, the workings and methods used are also different.

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Software Engineering Elements

Software engineering is a process in which it has several important elements to be considered by developers. So that the results can be easier user in using it. Here are some of them.

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1. Operation

After the engineering process is carried out, the developers will see if the application that has been made can work as intended. This includes checking the budget, accuracy, efficiency, dependability, function to the most important is security.

2. Transition

The transition is an important thing to ensure. Why? Because when the application is shifted from platform one to platform others, usability, probabilities and adaptation to new areas must continue to run smoothly.

id="3-pemeliharaan">3. Maintenance

The developer’s work does not stop when the application is finished and can be distributed to users user. The software engineering process includes analysis, maintenance, modularity, scalability and flexibility. So that application maintenance is still carried out, for example with the updates new version.

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Software Engineering Development Method

Software engineering is a development process that can be done by several methods, including prototype, waterfall, incremental, spiral and RAD. What’s the explanation bro? Let’s look at the following.

1. Prototype

There are three grooves in the prototype method, including:

  • Listen to consumer problems and what they need.
  • Mock up or build a prototype.
  • Pitching or presentation to consumers.

This method is done so that the software that has been or will be made can be in accordance with the wishes of consumers and can meet their needs.

2. Waterfall

Software engineering with the waterfall method begins with the initial stages such as requirements analysis, forming a system design, coding process, testing to implementation with a systematic and sequential approach.

This method can be chosen when all the processes need to be clear, neat and structured. Akrena, if something is stopped, then the next step cannot run. Thus, it is not suitable for long-term software development.

id="3-incremental">3. Incremental

The advantage of the incremental method in the software engineering process is that developers can work optimally and accommodate company needs flexibly. Consumers can use the system that is already available while waiting for the latest features.

4. Spiral

The spiral method works through the following stages.

  • Liaison: Communicate effectively with user directly.
  • Planning: Finding out sources of information and determining deadline related to the project to be carried out.
  • Risk analysis: Anticipating risks that may occur during the project run.
  • Manipulation: Stage of making a prototype system.
  • Construction and release: The development stage from prototype to testing, installing and suggestions for project success.
  • Evaluation: The evaluation stage of the project that has been done.

5. RAD (Rapid Application Development)

The RAD method in the software engineering process is a fairly short linear software development model ranging from 60-90 days. With a component-based construction approach, the RAD model is able to adapt at high speeds. So it is suitable for urgent needs.

Who’s Behind Software Engineering

You must have thought about the types of people behind the creation of the Whatsapp application and others when you are using it. Well, the answer is a software engineer.

Software engineers are people with certain skills who are behind the creation and maintenance of the applications that you use every day, friend. Do you know, if this profession turns out to have a large enough opportunity and will continue to increase to 28% until 2028 later. Are you interested in being one of them?

Well, if you are interested in becoming a software engineer, then there are some skills that you need to develop from now on, friend. what are they? Here are some

Well, that’s the discussion about the notion of software engineering. Apart from software engineering, there are many other fields in the world of information technology, you know, friend. As we are currently working on Hosting Expert.

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