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Of course we already know that the best light for photographing landscapes is in the morning or evening. However, what kind of light can make our photos ‘champions’?

Let me classify the light types first:

  • hard light (hard light)
  • Soft light (soft light)

Hard light generally occurs during the day, or the day before noon when the clouds are not there. Our only source of light is the sun. Hard light will happen if the light source relatively smaller compared to the subject. The sun is our only very large source of light. But because it is so far away, it becomes relatively smaller than us. So that the resulting light is hard with high contrast.

Soft light the opposite of hardlight, the light is soft and low contrast. Softlight usually occurs on cloudy days. Why? Because the sun’s rays will be covered by clouds and will spread light over the entire surface of the clouds. So what happens is that the cloud becomes a good source of light relatively bigger and closer against us.

Okay after knowing the type of light, now the question is: what’s the best light for landscape photography!?

Actually this is relative, but in my opinion to make an interesting photo requires a combination of both. Yes, a combination of hard light and soft light will make your photography more interesting!

And if you want to make it even more stable, enter elements transmitted light and reflected light.

Transmitted light means that we can see a light source, such as the sun. Reflected light means light that is reflected, for example by water. By adding this element I guarantee our landscape photos will not be ordinary.

Happy light hunting!

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