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ipadguides.id – A total of 13 private universities (PTS) in Central Java (Central Java) will be closed by LLDikti. This is because many private universities (PTS) in Central Java are not yet accredited.

Launching from the Central Java Tribune, around 245 universities are still operating out of a total of 250 universities in 2020, Secretary of the Higher Education Service Institute (LLDikti) Region VI Central Java, Lukman said, his party has tightened supervision of these private universities.

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91 Colleges Under Supervision

College illustration (Photo: SMAN 1 Dramaga)

Of the 245 universities that are still standing, 91 of them are currently under supervision because they are not yet accredited.

“We have closed 5 universities in 2020. In 2021, there are 91 under supervision. Even 13 universities are ready for us to close,” said Lukman to the Central Java Tribune, Monday (15/2/2021).

He said, 13 universities will be closed in the near future, 4 of which will close in February 2021. The process of closing the four universities has been proposed to the Ministry.

“I estimate that during 2021 there will be 30 universities that will be closed. This is because there are many universities in Central Java that are not healthy,” he explained.

Unhealthy College

Illustration of an empty college (Photo: Your plan)

Many universities are closed because they do not meet the minimum standards or are called unhealthy universities. This is worrying, especially now that we have entered a new student admission period.

Therefore, Lukman urges parents who will send their children to college to be careful, by first checking the accreditation of the study program (Prodi) and the college to be addressed.

“I appeal to the public before sending their children to school, look at the status of the study program and campus. It can be viewed online on the LLDikti Region VI dashboard. There it is clear which campuses are healthy and which are not healthy,” he said.

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PT Does Not Meet Minimum Standards

Illustration of general university standards (Photo: Pintek)

Regarding the closure of universities, Lukman explained, this was because they did not meet the minimum standards.

There are three things that become standards that must be met, namely institutional legality, infrastructure including land and buildings, and human resources.

Regarding infrastructure, universities are allowed to rent if they do not have their own land and lecture buildings, however, the lease is required for a minimum of 10 years. As for HR, each study program must have a minimum of five lecturers.

“If the minimum standards are not met, then they are not accredited. If so, like it or not, it must be closed rather than sacrificing the future of students, “explained Lukman.

Strict supervision of higher education operations, especially private ones, is a form of enforcing the national standards of higher education in Central Java. That way, universities that remain standing are quality universities.

“Our target is not the number of established universities but the number of healthy universities. We LLDikti also have a moral responsibility how the student after graduation if the college is not accredited, “he said.

What is the fate of students and lecturers?

Illustration of students and lecturers (Photo: Kompasiana.com)

Several colleges that were closed later raised questions. What about the fate of students and lecturers?

Responding to this, Lukman asserted, before the closure, there was a rescue effort first. So that no party is harmed by the closure.

“For students, we transfer them to other universities that have the same study program. As for lecturers, especially those who already have an NIDN (register number), we offer it to other universities,” he explained.

Lukman revealed a solution other than closing is merging. If there are universities that have infrastructure and are constrained by human resources, efforts will be made to merge with universities that have human resources.

“Thus it becomes a new university with new strength,” he said.

Not only tightening up universities that are already operating, Lukman said LLDikti also tightened applications for recommendations for opening new universities.

If the university does not meet the minimum standards, LLDikti will also not issue a recommendation.

These 13 Universities in Central Java will be Closed by LLDikti, Friend Zona: What will happen to the students and lecturers?

Friend Zona, this is the information from Mimin regarding the 13 universities in Central Java that will be closed by LLDikti. For those of you who are busy choosing a college, please be careful and always check, so you don’t have to go to an unqualified university.

Mimin, goodbye, don’t forget to activate the Student Zone website post notifications for other interesting info about lectures and students. See you later!

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