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ipadguides.id – Hello, Zone Friends! Looks like Mimin smells campaign, is it time for President Jokowi to be replaced? Or, the Governor of DKI who is no longer able to serve? Wow, apparently not, but the future successors of the nation who were being trained first when they were students.

To be ready to face the world of Indonesian politics in the future. Yes, this time Mimin will discuss what BEM is for on campus, is it only for the benefit of the Chancellor, let’s just read Mimin’s review below, OK!

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Students Ask, Mr. Chancellor Please Answer

Illustration of students asking questions (Photo: Your plan)

Dear Chancellor, before asking permission, is BEM really important for the sustainability of a campus? Then why every time we have complaints and opinions that are not in accordance with the decisions of our superiors, our voices are never heard. Having to take action on the side of the road, destroying some campus facilities, and going on a lecture strike, only the higher-ups could hear.

Indeed, this is the fate of lower caste students. It is rarely heard to speak until foaming at the mouth, even though without us the campus could not run properly. At least give a little respect when the butterfly student wants to express his aspirations. It’s okay not to do it either, as long as it’s heard enough for us.

Nyalon Pemira to Get an A

Illustration of general election (Photo: Uinjakarta)

Then what about Pemira (election) which is currently being intensively-incessant? Is it one of the ways to get closer to campus officials and their staff? Or just looking for popularity? Maybe for the sake of pursuing an A, huh?

Let’s just think, maybe they want to be useful people for other people. Thus, surrendering his body and soul to join as one of the student representatives, who defends the rights and what should belong to students. But, the most important thing is that there should be no enmity between us, when one of you has to be willing to resign, because of the lack of a successful team behind him.

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Why should there be a BEM on campus?

Illustration of BEM (Photo: Kertasonline)

Almost all campuses must have a BEM (Student Executive Board). For some people, maybe BEM is just an ordinary organization. In fact, the function of BEM is as a bridge between students and institutions. So, BEM functions as a means for students to channel their suggestions and aspirations to the institution to realize prosperity in the campus environment.

Because, it is impossible for many students to come in line in front of the rectorate building with their various aspirations, it might make the chancellor dizzy. So we need a third person between the chancellor and students, the important thing is not to be a ***, okay?

But many of these aspiration connectors are not trustworthy in carrying out their duties, so how will the students respond? Are all student representatives like this? No, so not all student representatives are like this. Some are trustworthy and some are not, but hopefully the prospective students this time are trustworthy.

What is the use of BEM on campus? Is it only for the benefit of the Chancellor?

Friend, that zone was used for BEM on campus, hopefully it will be useful for all of you. Mimin says goodbye first, don’t miss it!

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