What is TPM? – Indonesian SHIFT

What is TPM? – Indonesian SHIFT

The manufacturing industry relies heavily on the quality of machines and production lines. The question is, what if there is a machine that is damaged or does not function optimally? Of course, operations will be disrupted or at worst it could paralyze production as a whole. Now, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) can help companies to take preventive measures to prevent engine problems from occurring.

Get to know TPM

TPM is a holistic methodology for improving systems and manufacturing quality. TPM focuses on improving machine performance and availability so as to achieve optimal overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

TPM encourages every employee to have a sense of belonging against the machine and participate actively carry out basic maintenance and carry out repair ideas. If done right, TPM can be very effective at increasing productivity.

For TPM implementation, there are 8 Pillars where 5S be the main basis.

8 Pillars of TPM

1. Focused Improvement

2. Autonomous Maintenance

3. Planned Maintenance

4. Training and Education

5. Quality Maintenance

6. Early Equipment Management

7. TPM Office

8. TPM for Safety, Health and Environment

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