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Korea is not only Seoul or Busan. Jeju Island as one of the New 7 Wonders is touted as the Hawaii of Koreans. This November Jeju is autumn and when I was there it was drizzling almost every day. The cool weather makes sightseeing enjoyable. Why am I there? Let’s see the photos!

Good afternoon from Jeju! The easiest way to get here is to take a plane from Seoul’s Gimpo domestic airport, not the Incheon one. I got on Korean Air and got a big Boeing 747! Another option is to take the ferry for approximately four hours.

Jeju is a small city in Korea. Not as busy as Seoul. Maybe if you compare Seoul to Jakarta, Jeju is Lombok.

Jeju is famous for its citrus commodities. Even the sponsor of this marathon competition seems to be a Jeju mandarin orange producer.

There are many museums in Jeju. This is the haenyeo museum. Haenyeo is a female freediver (without an air tube) who catches marine products in a very conservative and environmentally friendly way. They are Jeju icons, so a museum was created.

Haenyeo really. This woman diver is generally old and over 50 years old.

They said the waves were high, so they couldn’t dive at that time.

There is also a very high tech interactive kpop play museum! Standing on that black upside-down bowl we can hear kpop songs change from year to year

At the play kpop museum, there are hologram concert performances, to augmented reality games that can dress your face, or kiss G-Dragon.

Turns out, you’re bullshit…. :))

An ahjumma listens to an old song at the play kpop museum.

Trick eye museums like this also exist.

Until the Jeju Loveland museum. This outdoor sex museum will make you cringe.

….. :))

For those who like Kpop, Jeju also has this KCON concert.

An Ahjussi (old man). Almost 80 years. Want to watch KCON too.

KCON held at Jeju stadium

Audience atmosphere. It’s raining but still excited.

Greetings from the Governor of Jeju. The governor is stupid.

KCON 2015

From a two hour concert and about 6 . There’s only one girlband, thok. Investigate a calibaration and look around, it turns out that the audience is mostly girls, as well as the population in Jeju which also has more women.

Jeju is famous for its seafood. Don’t miss this guy’s fist-sized abalone shell.

The weather in Jeju in early November was not very friendly. Luckily there are still many attractions that can still be enjoyed. Next time here, I will want to do trekking on Mount Halla!

Thank you to Korea & Jeju Tourism Organization for inviting me here! Wow, my name is really big, it will be mistaken for a province name :))

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