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ipadguides.id – Many people think, especially students, that hard work is one of the keys to the success of a human being. In fact, hard work is sometimes one of the principles of life that they build in order to get what they want.

In addition to hard work, there is what is known as smart work. Where is one way of working that uses our brains to make time and energy efficiency. So that the work can be carried out properly and effectively.

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Work Smarter in Seduction

Illustration of hard work (Photo: IDN Times)

Mimin is one of the people who has been a victim of the thought of working hard and working smart. This is because there are many business motivators who come to the student environment, and invite students to become Multi Level Marketing (MLM). Yes, many students are tempted by online businesses whose MLM system results in many students liking business motivations.

This made Mimin confused, between being irritated and that’s okay. It’s annoying because Mimin is always in the chat to join and join, besides being stupid Mimin doesn’t want to interfere in their affairs, whether they want business or not, the important thing is that they have a business Mimin is happy.

In the past few weeks, many have contacted them to invite them to join their business. They say that we have to be independent, work hard to get what we want. We must be better than today and the previous days.

That day Mimin refused and then Mimin was called back the next day. Usually, Mimin is followed up by those who are also classmates in the same department. Finally, it irritated Mimin.

From that we need to think, that it is actually good for us to invite people like that. But that doesn’t mean you have to always be contacted and followed up. Because for Mimin this problem will be annoying for the recipient, if they are not interested in being part of the business.

Indeed, the hard work is good, but Mimin thinks a little bit of smart study to invite better. By first finding out the target, and about whether you are interested or not.

This method, according to Mimin, is more effective and also more efficient in inviting the team to do business together rather than having to spam chat and also always contacting people regularly.

Difference Between Hard Work and Smart Work

illustration of hard work and smart work (Photo; Hipwee)

According to Mimin, hard work and smart work have a significant difference. If hard work is more of a way of working without looking at time efficiency. Meanwhile, in smart work, they think more about time efficiency, such as using methods that make work easier.

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What’s the Difference Between Hard Work and Smart Work?

That’s a glimpse of Mimin’s thoughts about hard work and smart work that we often find in student circles. According to Mimin again, it depends on you whether you want to choose smart work or hard work.

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