When our economy was in trouble, my husband even sneered at me, asking for money


I am an overseas girl who ventured to work outside the city to pursue her dream of working in a dream place. Long story short, I met my husband at work, after a few years we got married.

After marriage I still work, our child is at home with the nanny. Since before we got married we had opened a small business at home for the capital to get married. But since our child was born I can no longer help with the work.

You know, Bun, because in the morning you have to be busy preparing food, after work you have to accompany the children and okay home after the child sleeps, then on the day off from work must catch up with the laundry deposit. I do many other things like Housewife.

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Even that sometimes not everything is right because my child is still old toddler who must be accompanied while on the move. Meanwhile, my husband is still busy finishing his side business.

Now my husband is getting fiercer, Bun. Maybe because he was tired of not having time off. Yes, I understand that if the side business is not carried out, our salary alone is not enough. Not suitable for the size of people who are still renting a house and have many needs for our child who is not even two years old. Not to mention with other daily needs.

My husband and I still dream of owning our own land and house. Thankfully, I was able to buy a car too. But that’s why if my husband got angry he would say I’m not good at making as much money as him. He said I was just begging for money and told me to have a side income too.

I want to try selling, but I’m just a nomad who meets a soul mate in an overseas city, wants to sell, I don’t know who to promote to. Even if I want to sell online, I don’t know when to study and have time to hold a cellphone, because if I’m with my child holding a cellphone, my husband will definitely reprimand me.

I also feel very tired because my husband rarely accompanies the children to play because they are very busy working and doing side businesses. I don’t know what to do, Bun. Sometimes I feel that since the arrival of our child everything has become very difficult but then I realize it is a sin. Does my husband no longer love me and only considers me a burden, or is it just a momentary emotion?

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