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Are you waiting to eat me? Or vice versa?

It turns out that sharks are nothing to be afraid of. It’s the sharks that should be afraid of us – the humans who are always hunting them. In fact, sharks always help humans to harvest fish in the sea to be optimal. Still want to eat shark fin soup?

I will always remember a scene in the movie Jaws that I watched as a child.

An ancient shark megalodon attacked the beach which was full of people. And, without sin, the shark measuring more than 20 meters devours humans.

Since then I’ve been a little nervous when I’m at sea.

I have also been to a giant aquarium in Jakarta, Seaworld. Looking at the shark through the glass, I shudder. In my heart I said, they are very strong like rulers in the water. But for some reason, the look in their eyes reminded me of the antagonist role in the Steven Spielberg film.

Years passed since then, I was reunited with the rulers of the seas, in their true place – the Ocean.


That morning, the ship I was riding docked at the Wayag pier, Raja Ampat. I was silent on the pier. Not finished being anesthetized by the clear water like glass until the white sand is clearly visible, a shark just passed by without permission!

I was shocked. Truly, this is the first time I have witnessed such a creature so close to me. I asked myself, “Is he waiting to eat me?”

“They are tame, sir,” said someone who interrupted my daydream.

“Is that true, sir?” I said.

“Yes, you can also go snorkeling, as long as you don’t disturb it. In Wayag, this is their house,” said the person with a smile.

A moment later I was swimming in the shallow water. Paddling my frog legs slowly. I didn’t want to disturb the ‘host’ who seemed to be relaxing on that sunny day.

The silent blue of the sea made me pause to enjoy it. The little creatures with gills hilarn back and forth near me. So beautiful, so close, and so indifferent. As if we were one of them.

So does the shark, the ruler of the ocean. He didn’t seem to care about my presence. He just swayed here and there with his fins towering. Since then my perception of sharks has changed. He is my best friend.

Did you know that the number of humans attacked by sharks per year worldwide can still be counted on the fingers? However, the sharks slaughtered by greedy humans are in the thousands per year

Now, I must condemn the person who made the film Jaws and ‘ruined’ my childhood.

Good guy sharks.


“We are always monitoring the sharks here, sir,” said the person who had reprimanded me at the dock. It wasn’t long before I learned that he was a Conservation International (CI) officer. CI is an international conservation organization that always wants to preserve nature and ecosystems around the world. Raja Ampat is one of them.

In addition to preserving coral reefs, CI and the local community of Raja Ampat also always care about the preservation of sharks. In fact, the local government in Raja Ampat has enacted a local regulation that provides criminal sanctions for anyone who catches sharks. Hello!

Why should we protect sharks?

It’s easy like this. If the number of sharks decreases, then the small sea creatures we commonly refer to as seafood will also decrease.

Huh? Why can?

You see, in the ocean there is also a predation system where ‘small’ fish eat plankton. ‘Medium’ fish eat small fish, and ‘big’ fish such as sharks eat ‘medium’ fish. If the shark continues to decrease, then its position as a top predator will shift. There will be too many ‘medium’ fish and the balance of the food chain will be threatened.

The ‘small’ fish that we usually eat will certainly decrease because we eat too many ‘medium’ fish. If this is the case, who will be harmed?

Don’t let the gains for a few lead to losses for the next generation.

Sharks are also one of the interesting diving attractions in Raja Ampat. Killing sharks automatically kills tourism in Raja Ampat, as well as Indonesia.

Sharks are caught because they exist demands. Dishes like shark fin soup are found in big cities like Jakarta. So, it’s better from now on, never try dishes made from sharks. And try to remind each other if someone likes it.

Shark fin, which contains tens of times the mercury content of the normal consumption threshold, will cause cancer and nerve damage. Let’s be a little smart consumer. Tell them!


Country of atoll clusters. Heaven above and below the sea. Will it continue to be ‘paradise’?

There is an aura of peace emitted by the Wayag islands. This almighty group of carved atolls is one of God’s gifts to our beloved country, as well as a great trust that must be guarded.

At the peak of Wayag, I took a deep breath. While hoping that our children and grandchildren will still be able to swim with the ruler of the sea and eat delicious seafood dishes.

Maybe I’m just a tourist who cares a little about the campaign #savesharks this. But I believe that small actions like writing this article, if done by a lot of people, will more or less help the preservation of nature.

We’re still not too late.

I found this board on the island of Gam Raja Ampat. Remember we still have our children and grandchildren!

**Sharks are not dangerous. As long as we don’t lure him with something he likes like blood & fishy smell. Safety first! 😀

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