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I fell in love with Thai cuisine. The herbal aroma that stings the nose mixed with sour, spicy, sweet, savory, salty flavors, and some mysterious spice flavors don’t stop swaying on the tongue. Just say it tom yumThis spicy and sour herbal soup is sure to make the dizziness caused by traffic jams in Bangkok disappear instantly. Replaced with fresh sweat flowing all over the body.

However, for Muslims who are traveling to Bangkok, of course, you have to be careful because delicious dishes are not necessarily halal. Tom Yum, which is actually seafood, sometimes also uses pork fat. Not surprisingly, the majority of people in Bangkok are non-Muslims. However, there are several food places owned by local Muslims that serve halal Thai food, you know! So don’t be afraid to try pad thai nor kai yang there. *slurp*

These are the ones I’ve tried along with the closest BTS/MRT locations:

1. Halal food at Ratchathewi : Farida’s restaurant (BTS : Ratchathewi)

Farida’s halal restaurant in Rachathewi, Bangkok

I think the owner of this restaurant is Malaysian or Indonesian because she can speak a little Indonesian and Malaysian. But it turns out he’s originally from Thailand. “Indonesian embassy people often eat here,” he said.

In my opinion, this place to eat is the best maknyuss compared to other places to eat that I’ve tried. Almost all the famous Thai menus are here. For the price is not too cheap and expensive, about 50-80 baht.

How to get there: From BTS Ratchathewi station, walk a little to the intersection, turn left and then cross. About 100-200 meters there will be several halal food places there. However, Farida’s restaurant is the most crowded among the others.

Order mango sticky rice first for snacks
Time to find a meal with blogger friends #AABC2015
Tom Yum and friends
Along Rachatevi Street there are also other halal places to eat
Pad Thai
Om Bolang is enjoying Tom Yum, instead of being fresh, he’s sleepy, mostly adding rice.
Susana Farida’s restaurant

2. Halal food at Chatuchak Weekend Market (BTS : Mo Chit)

One of the food stalls in chatuccak.

In this department store there will be several halal food stalls. The most visible is the stall near the big clock in the middle of the market. There is also a little hidden in a corner near the prayer room (yes, there is a small air-conditioned prayer room in this very hot market).

But be careful where to eat near the big hour, because the price is a bit expensive. I ate chicken briyani rice thai sauce with thai tea priced at 25o baht! It’s my fault for not looking at the price first. Luckily it’s delicious and lots of it.

chatuchak halal food
200 baht is rich

3. Halal food at Bangkok Mall: MBK (BTS National Stadium), Platinum (BTS Ratchathewi/Chidlom), Central World (BTS Chidlom), and others.

In front of the central world mall

In the food courts of malls in Bangkok, usually one or two foods are labeled halal. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures because of the fun of enjoying the air conditioner. When I was in Bangkok, the air outside during the day reached 40 degrees Celsius. So, entering the air-conditioned mall feels really great.

The photo above is in front of the Central World Mall. At that time there seemed to be a food bazaar there. This is really the noodle champion. Fresh!

4. Halal food at Ratchadamri : Halal street food (BTS: Ratchadamri)

I don’t know what it’s called but it’s like a seafood salad

Near Seven Eleven, there are several street food that sell Muslim and are labeled as halal. At the end of the road there is also a Muslim restaurant that I haven’t had time to try.

Noodle soup
Eat first guys!

5. Halal food near Haroon Mosque (มัสยิดฮารูณ)

In the area near the mosque, there are usually many who sell halal food. Like at the Haroon mosque in the Charoen Krung area.

Nearest BTS station : Saphan Taksin

Try watching the video from Mark wiens for halal culinary in this area below

6. Halal food near Daarul Falah Mosque

In the area between Rachathewi station and National stadium, on the bank of a small river, there is a Muslim community and mosque there. And of course a lot of halal street food here.

I stumbled across this area while exploring Bangkok on foot. Oh yes, there are lots of cats here!

Do you have any recommendations for other halal food places in Bangkok? Write it down in the comments!

Thank You!

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