Where to Start a Business?

After hearing success stories from your best friends, you may have asked yourself once or twice, “If I want to do business, where should I start?”. But after thinking hard, often your business desire actually ends up stuck here.

An entrepreneur once told the Mebiso.com team that one thing it takes to start a business is not thinking hard. We tend to see a picture that is too broad and grandiose, so that it often makes our brains hurt, or even discourages us from doing business. We forget that around us there are lots of opportunities, resources, and potentials that are ready to be matured.

For example, if we look at things that are closest to us, for example Facebook. Often we encounter how Facebook is used as a place to buy and sell. We can find models from resellers to manufacturers here. From here, we can explore various product ideas, clothing (mostly women’s clothing), accessories, snacks, beauty tools, herbal medicines, and so on. So stuck in the process of forming a business idea should not be an excuse anymore.

There is a proverb that we might miss, even though it has been nurtured in our mindset since childhood, namely “A little bit, it becomes a hill”. Just like this proverb, starting a business can be done from anywhere. No need to go straight from the hill. Slowly and surely, with great patience and perseverance, something small will grow, grow, grow, and eventually bear sweet fruit.

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Now, you don’t need to be confused about how to start a business and develop it because on May 3,4,5 2016 an Entrepreneurial Party will be held 2016. Of course you can see various business opportunities, meet mentors, and even investors. Of course the hope is as your business acceleration.

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Do you want to know the difference between successful people and those who are not?

style="text-align: justify;">The difference between successful people and those who are not is that when the opportunity arises, successful people will immediately take it even by relying on extraordinary means, while those who don’t are ignoring every opportunity that exists.