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ipadguides.id – Dozens of students from the SAPPI Theological College (STT), Ciranjang District, Cianjur Regency, West Java, were reported to have tested positive for Covid-19.

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Symptoms of Covid-19 Appear

Illustration of Covid-19 (Photo: Jpnn.com)

The team handling the Cianjur Regency Covid-19 Task Force, Dr. Yusman Faisal, said that initially the campus called the village midwife to identify two female students who had Covid-19 symptoms, which were insensitive to the sense of smell.

“After being reported to the head of the puskesmas, the day after tomorrow an epidemiological investigation was carried out,” said Yusman.

Then after being identified there were about 30 students who had the same symptoms as the two female students.

“After an investigation was carried out, then there were around 100 people who were examined by PCR swabs,” said Dr. Yusman. Of the 100 samples sent through the Cianjur Health Office (Dinkes) to West Java Province on February 17, 2021, the results were obtained as many as 30 confirmed people.

“From the results obtained, all of the students were confirmed positive for Covid-19,” said Yusman.

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Not Adhering to Health Protocols

Illustration of face-to-face lectures (Photo: Mindrakyat)

After further investigation, it was proven that the campus held face-to-face lectures for its students. Yusman added that his party conducted a travel history test on the 30 students.

It turned out that the face-to-face lectures did not comply with health protocols and almost all of them, both lecturers and students, came from outside the region with high mobility.

“This means that they do not study according to the health protocol that has been determined. Such as not wearing a mask, not washing hands and not keeping a distance. Besides that, students go in and out of Cianjur City, then leave the city with their lecturers,” added Yusman.

According to Yusman, the possibility of exposure is from travel history made by students and lecturers.

“There are several people or one or two people affected, because of the face-to-face learning system. So in the end, everyone is infected,” he said.

Campus Desperate to Hold Face-to-Face Lectures, Dozens of Students Positive for Covid-19, Friend Zone: Which Campus Is This, Why Is It Troubling?

Buddy Zone is a campus that still insists on conducting face-to-face lectures, and ends up with dozens of students who are positive for Covid-19. If there is no further information and there is still a virus spreading, we should still hold online lectures first, pal. Keep following the health protocols wherever you are

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