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ipadguides.id – The campus category is still the main focus of companies in recruiting prospective employees. They look more at campuses that are accredited A and are already well-known. Then, putting aside campuses that are not well known or mediocre, even though both are accredited A.

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Famous Campuses Have Privileges Than Ordinary Campuses

Illustration of prospective employees (Photo: mardiana.blogspot.com)

The world of work does have very fierce competition. If you don’t go through insiders, it will be difficult to get a job at the company you want. But, not only that, the most in the spotlight is the origin of the prospective employee’s campus.

Because, basically, well-known campuses already have privileges itself in the eyes of well-known companies. So prospective employees who apply are likely to be accepted easily, he said. And indirectly, will increase self-esteem and alma mater.

One of Mimin’s friends with the initials X said that graduates from well-known universities are more refined, have high loyalty to the company and have a high work ethic. Well, it’s true that prospective employees from ordinary campuses don’t have a work ethic and won’t be loyal?

Besides, with the power networking which allows companies to easily recruit prospective new employees. As a result, there are many pros and cons. Prospective employees from regular campuses feel left out and not treated fairly.

Whereas supposedly, every prospective employee has the same rights and treatment. Because, after all, they both struggled from the start to get a job.

Seeing CV Not Campus Background

CV illustration (Photo: Kompasiana.com)

Meanwhile, what about the fate of prospective employees who come from ordinary campuses? According to Mimin, prospective employees who are graduates from regular campuses are no less good than prospective employees from well-known campuses.

Everyone has different competencies, so good or bad is relative. So, don’t judge someone from just one point of view. Don’t be direct judge Oh, this A is from campus X which is said to be famous in Indonesia. However, the B from campus Y is not well known and we don’t even know how the campus is.

Mimin doesn’t agree with statement if all prospective employees from well-known campuses are always accepted in big companies. In fact, there are still many famous university graduates who work in mediocre companies or are even unemployed.

Because, what you see when you work is your CV, completeness of documents, GPA, and skills. If you have skills qualified and superior, there must be many companies that actually apply to work in his place. It’s free from a reputed campus, skills 0, especially the ‘squatting’ GPA, so get ready to say it goodbye to the camera.

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The Quality of Each Campus Is Not The Same

Illustration of the interview (Photo: Tribunnews)

Mimin is the most anti-HRD who is arrogant and easy to say, “Okay, you’re from the famous Y campus, yes, you passed the interview and other stages.” It’s called cheating because you see things from a subjective point of view, not an objective one.

Mimin also became suspicious that he had entered the company through an insider channel, aka had a relationship. Actually it’s okay, but that’s a sign of being unprofessional, because it focuses on one factor, namely campus.

The quality of each campus is different, so the print is also different. Don’t hit it flat, it has to be from this campus, it has to be from that campus. UhDon’t get me wrong, an ordinary campus also has superior quality human resources. Don’t think that the only ones who excel are from well-known universities. Wake up boy!

Moreover, what is applied in the world of work is certainly different from what is learned on campus. At the company we have plunged into the professional world and are still learning from 0 again. The knowledge from lectures is only to help provide an overview.

Which is Easier to Get a Job, Graduates of Famous Campus or Graduates of Ordinary Campuses?

That’s a review of which one is easier to get a job, students graduating from well-known colleges or graduates from ordinary colleges. According to Mimin, everyone deserves a job at a well-known company, because they have to look at the competence of prospective employees, not the campus.

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