Which Shade Wardah BB Cream to Choose?

Choosing the shade of Wardah BB cream must be adjusted to the skintone color so that the result is not gray.

BB Cream is one of Wardah’s best seller products that can be used by teenagers to adults. This product is light to use and there are several shades of Wardah BB Cream that you can choose according to your needs skintone each.

Wardah BB Cream itself has two product variants, namely the Lightening and Everyday series. The difference can be seen in the color of the packaging. The Lightening series tends to be blue, while the Everyday series is green.

To make it easier for you to choose to love this product, here is a complete review with the shade provided.

1. Wardah Everyday BB Cream Light

Source: Lazada

This product is not only for make-up, but also for skin care. With SPF 30 content, Wardah BB cream is able to protect the skin from sun exposure. In addition, this product also contains witch hazel and zinc gluconate which can help shrink facial pores. This BB cream also contains water break technology which can give freshness to the face. So it looks cooler.

The texture of this product itself is lighter than the Lightening series. In addition, this product is also convenient for everyday use. You don’t need to hesitate, because this product is easy to use.blend and have coverage which is good for covering acne scars. Interestingly, this product can be used by oily skin types, because there is a formula oil control capable of holding back oil production. No need to worry for those of you who work hard.

For light shade itself can be used by people who have fair skin, olive, and white. This shade is suitable for owners cool undertones which will make the make-up look more perfect, cool the heart and soul..

2. Wardah Everyday BB Cream Natural

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Almost the same as the light shade, Wardah’s natural BB cream shade from the Everyday series itself is suitable for owners of tan or darker skin. This type of warm undertone that uses natural shades will look more radiant and dark spots from acne scars can also be disguised.

3. Wardah Lightening BB Cream Light

You can choose Wardah Lightening BB Cream if you want visible makeup flawless. The texture of this product is quite thick and easy to blend. Coveragehis own light to medium, so it can help disguise acne scars on the face. In addition, this product can also even out skin tone, you know?

This product contains the Triple Lightening System, which consists of Licorice, vitamin B3, and vitamin C. The presence of these ingredients makes the skin look brighter, because it contains brightening ingredients that are safe to use for the skin.

If you like the smell of baby powder, this Wardah BB cream has the same fragrance. In addition, the color of this BB cream is very thick and you don’t need to add the product over and over again to cover the black spots on your face.

As for its own durability, this product is quite durable because of the formula oil control. So, you can use it while you are outside the house. For shade light suitable for skin type cool undertones.

4. Wardah Lightening BB Cream Natural

Source: Watsons

Has the same formula as shade lightWardah Lightening BB Cream Natural has a slightly darker color compared to shade light. This shade is suitable for warm undertone. Interestingly, shade This natural product will not make facial skin gray.

By choosing the BB cream shade Wardah can help cover black marks on the face. So that the results of make-up become more flawlessdon’t make the wrong choice shade yes?

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