Who would have thought, these 10+ things are important factors in online buying decisions

Shopping online has now become a trend in various circles of society because the decision to buy online is strongly influenced by increasing technological developments.

With the rapid use of the internet, online shopping activities seem to have become a culture that cannot be avoided. Even some people think that people who have never shopped online are people who are out of date.

Through these thoughts, many people feel obliged to follow the existing trends so as not to be called ignorant people.

Some people will consider the decision to buy online is a must in order to have the same image as others. You will find facts like this easily through social interactions in people’s lives.

Even though it looks so easy to shop, in fact the decision to buy something is influenced by many things.

Do you know anything related to the purchase? In order to better understand it, you can listen to the brief explanation below.

What do you think of when you want to buy online? Although it looks like a shopping activity to fulfill ordinary needs, in reality online purchases are influenced by several important things. These important things are factors that cause someone to decide to buy online.

style="text-align: justify;">When you buy goods and services, what are you actually buying? It’s not about that product or service but about the important outcomes that must be met. You will buy the important results you want at that moment.

For example, what does a person buy when getting a haircut? It’s not just short hair that’s desirable, but the end result of a good look. This is the same as when you choose to shop online.

style="text-align: justify;">The decision to buy online that you make of course is also influenced by the final result you want to get.

You will buy to fulfill a positive or to avoid a negative outcome. Then, what are the important factors that influence the decision to buy online? The following are important factors.


style="white-space: pre;"> Results

2. Support

3. Avoid worry

4. Escape from pain

5. Avoid losing money

6. Answer

7. Repair

8. Enhancement

9. Save time and energy

10. Excitement

11. Pride

12. Benefit

13. Mark

14. Profit

15. Reliability

16. Freedom

17. Fulfillment

18. Happiness

19. Solution

20. Saving time

21. Enjoyment

22. Prestige

23. award

24. Protection

Who would have thought, these 10+ things are important factors in online buying decisions

All of these important things are factors that determine whether someone will shop online or not. Without any of the factors above, you will not decide to shop online.

In addition, the decision to buy online is also motivated by what is important to a person or related to personal values. These personal values ​​will create a mental filter that seeks satisfaction when choosing a product or service offered through the internet.

style="text-align: justify;">It is no secret that online shopping activities are increasing day by day. This increase is influenced by many things so that the decision to buy online is chosen by many consumers. Then, what makes online shopping activities always increase? Here are some of them.

1. Increasing Number of Internet Users

The rapid growth of internet users has contributed greatly to the shopping culture of people everywhere.

The high level of internet access via smartphones (mobile internet) has made various activities switch to mobile internet, including shopping. So that online shopping is considered as the most appropriate thing with easy information obtained.

2. Improved Omnichannel Model

The omnichannel model is a business activity that combines traditional commerce and e-commerce.

So that a business that you build can run effectively through sales by utilizing offline and online media simultaneously. This can create a business balance so that the turnover you want can be easily achieved.

style="text-align: justify;">3. Faster Shipping

The trend of online shopping is always increasing because fast delivery is also a trend in the world of online shopping.

Online businesses that collaborate with delivery service providers to deliver goods certainly make goods reach the buyer’s hands faster. This can be a choice for various consumers who want to shop faster.

4. Physical Money Exchange With E-Payment

The cashless tradition is increasingly mushrooming in the midst of many people who are increasingly technology literate.

Payment methods with the e-money model are increasingly popular because there are more benefits that can be obtained. Instead of shopping at ordinary stores and spending a lot of money, people will prefer to shop online with attractive promos.

5. Buying and Selling Between Countries

The decision to buy online is increasing because some goods cannot be fulfilled by domestic sellers.

With online shopping, a person can fulfill the needs he wants without the need to come to the country. In addition, many goods imported from abroad are also much cheaper so that they can be resold at a higher profit.

6. Social Media Influence

Social media plays a big role in increasing online buying and selling. The success of marketing through social media has become a common thing along with the increase in social media users.

The presence of aesthetically designed social media can attract someone to make a purchase.

Who would have thought, these 10+ things are important factors in online buying decisions

Understanding the things that can influence consumer buying decisions is very important for you.

If you want to optimize the monthly turnover of your business, you need to get consumers to come to you. By understanding how a person can make a decision to buy something, you can develop a strategy to attract consumer interest.

This understanding is very important to you because by attaching the results that customers are looking for when they search for the product or service you create, you will have a much greater impact. You can see this in the following parable.

1. One hairdresser says come and cut your hair, another says come and change your look.

2. One real estate agent said come and buy a house, another said come and have a comfortable place to live.

3. One bank officer said open a savings account, another said plan for a secure future.

From this parable, which one is more influencing someone to transact? You are certainly more motivated by the second statement right?

Well, from this you can learn to motivate customers to make a purchase. By showing important results that are satisfied, it is more attractive than simply presenting the product or service as is.

This motivation will make someone decide to buy or not. If you understand this optimally, of course you can make someone decide to transact with you. This is what makes understanding customers’ buying decisions so important.

Everyone is different and will have their own reasons for their buying decision. However, at a higher level, certain results and values ​​offered will be more in demand by consumers.

You need to introduce results that will satisfy most of the needs of your customers.

Although online shopping is in great demand, deciding to shop with an online system has advantages and disadvantages that must be considered. What are those? Here are some of them.

Who would have thought, these 10+ things are important factors in online buying decisions

Online shopping is becoming a trend that cannot be avoided with the increasing development of technology.

If you want your business to continue to run optimally, you inevitably have to adapt to these developments. By understanding what can influence someone’s buying decision, you can keep optimizing your business.