Why can’t I activate the by-U SIM card, even though it’s already according to the instructions?

RahmanCyber.NET | Internet – by.U is one of the internet providers that is currently being loved, especially for young people who exist in the internet world. Apart from being on the network 4G LTE Telkomselby-U itself also has many advantages which become its attraction, namely the presence of toppings … so we can choose quotas for certain applications, for example
you often open youtube or keep an eye on RahmanCyber ​​NET’s Youtube channelhehe .. you can buy a special quota to watch Youtube only.

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Besides that promo with the nickname “Cuan” I don’t know, that’s what I observed, because every promo has a fee.. hehe.. it’s pretty tempting for you too internet users who can’t install cable internet like me.. so you have to be smart, jump there, jump here, look for promos.. ehehe.

You can check for yourself, for more details, go to the source at https://www.byu.id/



Well a few days ago I was told by a friend at work about by-U actually at that time it was also crazy that the internet connection in my area was a bit like that and now it’s a waste of quota due to frequent surfing on the internet using a PC or desktop.

style="text-align: left;">Different Internet Access on a Desktop PC or Laptop with a Smartphone or Tablet

It’s undeniable that the two are different.. let’s say If on a smartphone 25 GB is enough for a month if i.. but it turns out that on a PC it’s not enough…that’s why I used to actually have the intention of installing cable internet at one provider, because some of my neighbors had it installed.. Uh, apparently many times they called “can’t” with the reason that the line was full.. if you counted 3x with a month’s distance, Yo Wes lah.. maybe it’s not luck yet.. or the Creator is saving me from something.. Wallahu’alam.. it’s clear that I’m sincere and I’m too lazy to contact you again. Even if it’s available… yes, I’ll consider other providers..


is clear is that I am here using MIFI I’m the one who’s still living Mifi MOVIMAX MV003 because the default card is forfeited… hehe, to be able to Upgrade All Operators… so I can freely find which one is cheap… so I’m more flexible..

and it turns out that when I often use a desktop PC, the quota runs out quickly.. so I can estimate that in about a month I need 150GB to access my PC.

And that’s right, so I have 1 card that must be filled in… hehe because it’s postpaid and it’s the main card, I used to switch because the card was forfeited too, so I had to postpaid. The other is a business card too.

And this new one I tried by-U card.

Why choose by-U?

I myself was attracted by the promo, so in the afternoon suddenly there was a promo on the website, buy it 25GB

by-U card for 30 Days free shipping for 50k… Wow..

I immediately created an account and ordered..

The order is all digital, so it’s delicious… just choose the package, choose the number (At that time I chose with a preference of 4 numbers which I liked 7979..)After that, I filled in the delivery address and payment options.. I also used Mandiri Online.. with Multipayment Payments to Finnet according to the Virtual Number given according to the payment instructions.

OK, the transaction is successful and just waiting for the card to be delivered.

3 days later… it finally arrived on Sunday 22 Nov 2020.

The next step is Activation by-U.

Activation by-U

Armed with the info I got through the by-U website, we need to download the application first, then insert the card into a tablet or smartphone with the following notes:

Sim Card by-U placed in the Main sim and turn on Internet access… ( well it turns out that the card can be made for internet apparently… it just hasn’t been activated and the connection is still slow…) so you need to activate it first

Turn off Wifi connected to the smartphone that will be used for activation

Card activation can only be done through the By-U application just, so we can’t use SMS or USSD

The instructions on the by-U website are like this:

step 01 Insert SIM card by.U into your cellphone

Make sure you register using the by.U application which is on the same cellphone as the SIM card

step 02 Make sure the HP internet is connected to by.U

Make sure you have turned off the Wifi network and/or the 2nd SIM card cellular network (if any)

step 03 Open your application and click “Activate SIM Card”

Follow the process of how to register and activate the SIM card in the application!

step 04 Enter your NIK/KTP and KK number

Please check your NIK in the NIK column on your family card or on your ID card. Make sure the data entered is correct

step 05 Yeay, your SIM card registration and activation was successful!

Now, you can enjoy all of by.U’s services all you want 🙂

For the infographic display, you can see it on the official website directly https://www.byu.id/id/activation

But apparently FAILED CONTINUE at STEP 03.

Yup, I’ve done everything according to the instructions given, and when the application is opened, it says “GET SIM” and Login.

I also tried to login using the by-u card, it keeps failing and I can’t, I’ll try to login using Google.

Can enter but there is no button “ACTIVATE SIM CARD”

I also switched from one device to another in the same way.. and it also FAILS…

Stuck at STEP 03.

Then I also contacted by-U on Instagram via DM, because tonight, I was a little doubtful that it would be answered immediately.. I asked why my card couldn’t be activated? and there is no answer yet.. hehe

I’m positive thinking.. because it’s late..


I also contemplate…

a moment…

Suddenly there was enlightenment.. I thought this way…

When I bought this by-U card, I registered an account first, and at that time I remembered using FACEBOOK to register.. lol..

immediately after getting that advice.. I rushed to Login FACEBOOK Apps, I used the account I used to register..

Jreng jregg… I opened the BY U application with the connection still using the by U connection, not wifi.

and it turns out that it doesn’t redirect directly to the Facebook application, but to the browser asking for Facebook login… ahaay…

Enter the Username and Password.. after that from the browser directly redirect to the By-U Application…

and my name appears there and there is a button “Activate Sim Card” gosh.. it turned out like this..

I also passed in step 3.

to further adjust according to the instructions..

step 04 Enter your NIK/KTP and KK number

Please check NIK in the NIK column on the family card or in ID card you yes. Make sure the data entered is correct

After step 04, I waited a bit longer, because the card was being activated, and I saw the data signal was on and off… until one day it was successful…

step 05 Yeay, your SIM card registration and activation was successful!

Now, you can enjoy all of by.U’s services all you want 🙂


now so why does it keep failing… because the login doesn’t match the account we registered to buy the by-U card…

It just keeps failing…

and in the morning, on Instagram there was a reply, which basically asked for a solution to the problem… I finally replied… “Are you able to activate it bro?” while grinning icon… hehe

There is Another advantage, it turns out that the quality of the network is steady.. in my computer room, which usually doesn’t work with H or Edge, the network is always on.. I use By-U directly 4G, wow.. this really amazes me… so now the modem or theatre doesn’t need to be placed near the front door of the house .. T_T

There’s another forgetfulness.. so there’s something stuck in my mind.. “If there is a problem, we will tell you to live chat in the application”.. well after success, I tried to chat.. and it turns out I found that the live chat is a bot.. hehe, so I wrote the APN for the first time, the answer was long and fast… details.. well.. I tried it with chat zxzxzxzz do you know what the answer is? Like this..

Yes, this is also an innovation, friends.. so the development of this kind of Bot is actually very useful for getting real-time information as if we were chatting with a real Customer Serve… Joss is really good..

Okay, I guess that’s my experience overcoming Why can’t it SIM Card Activation by-Ueven though it was according to the instructions.

How long is by-U active?

Hopefully it can be useful for friends who might have the same problem…

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