Why Didn’t Uncle Ben Appear in MCU’s Spider-Man?

Why Uncle Ben or Uncle Ben, never appeared in the MCU Spider-Man trilogy? Even though the entire series of stories from the MCU Spider-Man trilogy is really cool, there are still elements that feel lacking from this trilogy.

And this element that is lacking, is actually one of the important and “traditional” elements of all adaptations of the Spider-Man story so far. Yes, that is true guys. The element I’m referring to is none other than that, is Uncle Ben. As we know from both the comics and any Spider-Man adaptation, the figure of Peter Parker’s uncle is very important.

Why is there no figure?

Is Uncle Ben which motivated Peter to become Spider-Man. Based on these facts, his figure should appear in all Spider-Man adaptations/literations. But uniquely, in the adaptation of the MCU Spider-Man trilogy, the figure of Uncle Ben nothing at all.

There, he was only mentioned a few times by his wife, Aunt May aka Aunt May (Marissa Tomei). Even when we watch Spider-Man:

No Way HomeBen’s absence makes sense, but still until now we still feel super curious.

Why Uncle Ben never appeared in the trilogy? After feeling curious for a long time, this curiosity was finally answered through an interview recently conducted by the scriptwriter duo, Chris McKena and Erik Sommers with THR.

Unreasonable And Forcing

Uncle Ben Spider-Man MCU
and Uncle Ben | CBR

According to the two, the reason why they never displayed Uncle Ben in the MCU Spider-Man trilogy, more because of the logic of the beginning of the story. Specifically, unlike previous Spider-Man film adaptations, this trilogy does not start with the “traditional” story of the death of Uncle Ben.


the story starts right away when Ben is dead and Peter has become Spider-Man and lives with May. If for example they suddenly show Ben, then inevitably McKena and Sommers, have to redo the plot of Ben’s death a bit.

If that plot happened, then the entire plot that had been built from Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), will have a plot and pacing which doesn’t fit at all.

After all, according to the two, with the steps they took, it would make the audience and fans again realizing that every Spider-Man / Peter Parker adaptation is different. As a result, with all these reasons, the figure of Ben never appeared in the trilogy.

Now, what do you think about the reasons that both of them put forward?

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