Why I love Working on Blogger and Youtube!

RahmanCyber ​​NET Hey friends, why do I like to work on Blogger or Youtube? In accordance with the title tag above… Here I want to tell all of my friends, about the things that have been distracting me from the blogging world all this time, Yup! YouTube

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I’ve been experimenting for the past few years to find my true self in youtube world..even I made a lot channelTo be honest… because my Fun is fickle, so somehow I made so many channel I think until now, even if we look back, only a few can cross the red line, the others are still collections.


Similarities Blogging with YouTube

Blogging and Youtube have a lot in common for me (this is for me huh…maybe be more specific Bloggers and YouTube ), they are both the same product from Googlealthough in ancient times they were separated before being acquired by Google.

For some reason, it seems like Google has become an important thing, which has helped me all this time to develop myself, no exception Blogger Products and YouTube which has allowed me to be creative, maybe without spending money and even make money from it by showing my works to the public.


just imagine! for someone who does not have the financial ability and is still in school, if you want to have a website, we have to host it with a nominal monthly rental fee that is billed… you can think about it, we don’t have any income from it, basically we bet on uncertainty, right?

There are things that are very crucial… namely our daily life in education, how much do we spend on transportation each day, or how much money we use to eat during breaks! To

be honest, I am the most anti-dependence person here, yes. Maybe Allah has ordained my path to be independent, I don’t want to burden my parents with many things, moreover… I am the eldest of three children! My parents have a lot of dependents, I don’t want to burden them any more, on the contrary… I want to give something to help my parents’ economy.


imagine! if in the past I used to want to have a website … and hosting with a monthly bill …. hmmm, remember the quality of hosting is directly proportional to how much you pay, maybe there are those who offer student prices, but, please see for yourself how much bandwidth is offered …..?, remember! This bandwidth is important, because if your website is accessed by millions or even billions of people, your website will automatically DOWN!

But here from the start… google gives it for free browithout Bandwidth Limitation! we don’t have to think about the monthly costs every day, (hopefully this will continue yes) and this is very helpful for the younger generation of antiquity! really… and that’s the second point, Blogger and YouTube, both are free platforms! you are free to work there… without having to think about bills!


imagine how free it was back then, even simple works were appreciated! let’s see now … now many people are demanding each other, everything has to be perfect right? Heh, actually I hate this too, why? imagine today’s young generation who may have limited financial capabilities, become more difficult to competewhat they produce is not appreciated, and they are compared to large-scale industrial works where they have employees, have a lot of capital and yes everything is neat because they are paid, not infrequently their work is also copied to be processed into a better structure…

As a result, many of them (perhaps because they are desperate with their own work) sacrifice themselves to adapt to things that are VIRAL… a little bit VIRAL! I hate this kind of thing… I hate following the formless substance called VIRAL!

The point is, before you compare something, look at the background first! Don’t let the background vertical vs horizontal

Then the next similarity is that YouTube and Blogger are both able to link ads, we can post ads that have been provided by Google itself called AdSense, maybe you are familiar, right? Yes, AdSense is a tool that really helps publishers in making money from their work, even though it’s actually only a side, because for me the most important thing here is, we

can show the world… this is our work… Kind of like a gallery… hehe

Teaching Consistent!

Yes, maybe this is what really teaches me how to be consistent is not an easy thing. Actually, it’s the same on Blogger, friends, both products encourage us to be consistent, what does that mean? Consistent doesn’t mean you have to focus on one area!!! no, because it’s consistent that everyone has a different meaning, maybe if someone says “Consistent, you have to focus on one area!” he is the type of person who is a perfectionist and yes indeed if he is forced into many fields, he will KO alias stress! but imagine if people who have the opposite type are told to only focus on 1 area… ” he’s actually stressed! because he has lots of piles of ideas waiting to be realized!

And here I am the type who has a myriad of IDEAS that pile up to be realized, but that doesn’t mean GREEDY, no, I don’t know, it’s natural, but what is clear is that it makes our group confused as well what to do… on the other hand there are people who lack ideas, but in our group…the ideas are abundant…there are so many, just imagine if PEOPLE who have an idea are not realized, they will be confused, or even blame themselves…!!! so don’t get me wrong about this and think our group who has a lot of IDEAS is GREEDY!

All wrong right? Yes, eat it don’t like to blame people! Look at the background first, don’t just take it from our perspective… just because you have a lot of followers doesn’t mean you can easily blame others and judge!

So Free, friends, which group are you in, what’s clear… we are all here trying our best, right? as long as we don’t fall into NEGATIVE GAME it’s already good… we are on the right path… Insyaallah, will be given convenience by the CREATORand what we live will be more peaceful and comfortable.

In conclusion, Blogger and YouTube teach us to be able to consistently publish content… ^_^ / you could say that the work is more global.

Happy to work on Blogger and Youtube

People’s Ratings are Important

Here, maybe it’s related to the discussion in the first section, where now there are a lot of TOXIC ones, as long as negative comments without a solution, if the comments are polite, it’s not too much of a problem, but if the comments are rude, swearing and full of cursing! Well, that’s what I discussed in the first section… usually people like that, they compare the work of people who are far more GOOD LOOKING, or their role models are like that… hehe, anyway… anything that isn’t like their role models… Ugly, so if the role models rarely upload… he also took it out on another CHANNEL, by becoming Toxic, fortunately now there is a comment filtering facility like this…

(*Don’t make me your role model… I’m afraid of people who are too fanatical, then you will think what I’m talking about.. what I’m talking about is the most correct thing, it’s very scary… here we are both learning, I’m more enjoy being considered like a friend rather than like a boss! because that friend will remind each other… from some of those discussions… we can get the best conclusion)

Toxic is scary, bro, the impact, it could be verb BULLYING… Be a good judge, constructive COMMENTS will be much more appreciated, really… and of course we need to see what the background is like… remember 😀 hehe, and this is it what I’m doing in therapy…

This doesn’t mean that we are like sycophants… I mean when the work is bad, but we praise it to the full… because it’s also dangerous for the development of the channel, whether it’s Blogger or YouTube, be a wise, honest and constructive commentator, because that’s what is expected of us. there is a Comment Facility, the Button LIKE and DISLIKEdon’t follow people, but, like the case of YouTube Rewind which has a lot of DISLIKE, which if I learn from various comments, they compare it to the previous REWIND… hehe, And that’s normal, what’s important is that you are honest, if you think it’s good, then like , if it’s bad, dislike “No need to be TOXIC and say dirty jokes…., and then from the number of LIKEs and Dislikes, it will definitely be used as introspection…to get better, right…

BTW, in my opinion, YouTube REWIND is good and honestly, I LIKE, because even though it’s simple and tends to look like CANDIDATES SARJ***, but YOUTUBE is a PLATFORM and try it if your VIDEO snippet is given an award to be included in the nominee for the PLATFORM compilation… proud right? Be proud friend… (Eh, but if you get nominated, there are lots of DISLIKE… don’t be proud… wkwkwkwk

It’s really long.. that’s it for the first time, my friends.. hehe, if anyone wants to add something, you can comment.. Please.

Thanks… blogger… Thanks YOUTUBE… Thanks GOOGLE

It’s Helped Me in Working and Becoming Better.

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