Why Telegram Keeps Updating? Here’s How to Solve It!

keep on telegram

The Telegram connection continues — Telegram is one of the second most popular messaging apps in Indonesia after WhatsApp.

Telegram users in Indonesia are increasing day by day because of the many features of this application.

The features of this application are in fact more reliable than its competitors, namely WhatsApp.

Where files or documents sent via telegram will be stored first in the cloud and then stored in the cellphone memory which takes up a lot of storage space.

Why does Telegram keep connecting?

Currently, Telegram users in Indonesia are experiencing problems, namely when opening Telegram there is a connect or connect message, so that sometimes it keeps updating.

keep on telegram
Telegram crashes on continuous updating

This message usually appears because there is no internet or data, but when trying to use an active data plan the message still appears.

The existence of this message makes Telegram users in Indonesia unable to send messages privately or send them to groups. Also, the message is very important, it is very annoying when there is a problem like this.

After we checked, the message only appears for users registered in Indonesia, whereas when using a foreign account, the Telegram messaging connection keeps disappearing or also known as the Telegram application which can be used to send messages to each other.

How to deal with telegram messages that keep on connecting

For now, the solution is to use a telegram account registered with an overseas number.

Like using an Indonesian cellphone number that keeps updating or if there are problems, you can try to create a telegram account with an overseas number like the following.

How to create a telegram account abroad

see how to create an overseas telegram account to solve the telegram error connecting all the time today.

  1. Download the TextNow app at https://bit.ly/3gltOnG
  2. Then create a textnow account.
  3. if you have registered, you will be presented with several foreign cellphone numbers, just choose one.
  4. You can then register for a Telegram account as usual, but using the previously selected foreign number.

Thus the discussion on how to deal with the telegram application that keeps on connecting or keeps on connecting, hope this is useful!