Wife Enters 7 Months Pregnancy, Ustaz Syam Prepares Names of Islamic Figures for His Baby


Because his wife’s gestational age has entered the 7th month, Ustaz Syam has prepared many things, including preparing a baby name for his child, who is known to be a boy.

“God willing, it’s a man according to the medical opinion, but, right, we don’t want God either,” said Ustaz Syam when he told the story. InsertLiveMonday (14/1) in Jakarta.

After knowing the gender of the child, Ustaz Syam and Jihan Salsabila have started to prepare several names. Ustaz Syam wanted to give a name that was inspired by important Islamic figures in the world, Mother.

“If there are names for preparation, there must be Muhammad, there is Ahmad, there is Hamid, there is Mahmud. I’m reading the names of influential people in the world, right, that name is prayer,” he continued.

Meanwhile, for baby items, Ustaz Syam and Jihan still haven’t prepared them. They admitted that they might just start preparing these items in the near future. “We’ve only been in for 7 months, we haven’t bought a perintil yet, we’ll be close at this time,” added Jihan.

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During Jihan’s pregnancy, Ustaz Syam was confused because his wife did not gain weight even though she was pregnant.

But he was grateful, the doctor said his wife’s pregnancy was in good condition. “So the wife is thin, isn’t she big, tall, so people don’t see her belly. When the pregnant wife was asked about her progress, I asked the doctor, ‘Doc, it’s not gaining weight. say so, just say so, my doctor says it’s fine.’ And when he was on the ultrasound, Alhamdulillah, he is healthy, his development is also, Alhamdulillah, healthy,” said Ustaz Syam.

During pregnancy, Ustaz Syam admitted that his wife had no strange cravings. However, there is one thing that makes Ustaz Syam can’t stop thinking. Even though Jihan Salsabila is a Padangnese, he doesn’t like the West Sumatran cuisine. However, when he was pregnant, Jihan wanted to eat Padang food.


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