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Orchids are very beautiful. Like you.

Back to continue our ‘wild’ adventure in Kalimantan, this time our goal is Kandangan to see wild orchids in nature, after previously visiting proboscis monkeys which are also wild on Pulau Kaget. Anyway all wild!

The 202 km journey from the Barito river in Banjarmasin to Kandangan was quite long. In addition to the poor road, we had a chance to find a landslide which further hampered our journey.

As a result, when we reached the Maratus mountain area in Kandangan, the sun had already set. Whoops.

The Maratus Mountains in Kandangan are indeed the original habitat of various kinds of flora, including several species of forest orchids such as black orchids, sugar cane, arades and the like.

However, because the Terios 7 Wonders team are thirsty wild men affection adventure, we try to keep looking inside the orchid.

Landslide on the way when reaching Kandangan

Treq. Flashlight is turned on. We entered the forest.

A friend of mine said, “Be careful, I don’t feel good, I have goosebumps.”

Duh, I just had goosebumps on the edge of the dense bamboo, I also got goosebumps.

We passed several inclines, until we reached a steep incline on a rocky mountain.

“We’re going up again, it’s up there,” said our guide.

With difficulty, we climbed a steep incline whose elevation was approximately 45 degrees and a fragile wooden staircase at the end.

It was already dark when we got here
We got to the top of the hill where the orchids were wild, but…

However, we found a surprise. There are no orchids! HA HA.

“This is not the season, bro, so it’s just the leaves and shoots,” said our guide, grinning.

Such is the wild, we can’t guess what’s going on. Like a dry river in Sebangau National Park when you meet an orangutan.

However, no need to worry. The local community has also cultivated this orchid. So that there are some flower cultivation which is the national flower of this Singapore state.

Not far from the orchid location, we visited the house of Mas Dedi, one of the local people who cultivates orchids. Mas Dedi is a lover of this flower. He has various kinds of orchid flowers typical of Kalimantan.

Mas Dedi has a wide collection of orchids, ranging from black orchids, white orchids, hybrid orchids from mixing, to several endemic orchids typical of Kalimantan. Everything is cute! Mas Dedi also explained tips on caring for orchids, how to cultivate orchids in places that are not their habitat, and how he has maintained these orchids for decades. passion — seen from the way he answered our questions with enthusiasm.

Well, even though we can’t see orchids in the wild, we are quite happy to be able to get a lot of new knowledge about flowers named latin the Orchidaceae. The next question: Along the way we only found burned forest and palm oil, is there still room for these orchids in the wild forest?

Who knows.

Orchid Dendrobium dianae, reportedly typical of Kalimantan
white orchid
White orchid close up
Beautiful :’)

Next stop : We are looking for another Borneo wild. Amuntai swamp buffalo!

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